There used to be only two Newsletters published per year. One in the spring, one in the fall. With one exception, however. In 1984, three issues were published. Winter 1984 featured a long essay, in memory of Elizabeth Whitehead (1928-1983), the first woman President of the ASCSA Board of Trustees (1977-1983), who passed away in August 1983. Already in the Summer 1984 issue, the Trustees had announced the formation of the Elizabeth A. Whitehead Memorial Fund, which has been supporting the Whitehead professors of the School. The same issue also covered the following:

  • "80th Birthday Party for Sterling Dow"
  • "Laura Gadberry to be the First Kress Fellow"
  • "New England Gentleman... Honorary Citizen of Athens" (referring to Charles H. Morgan)
  • "The Magic of a Dedicated Teacher" (referring to Lois Ashton Larson0
  • The 'After-Tea Talks 1966-67-1983/84'
  • "Ancient Ship to Sail Again' (referring to the Kyrenia shipwreck)

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