As part of ASCSA Publications efforts to make all publications available online, the first three volumes in the Gennadeion Monographs series (now out-of-print) have recently been scanned and made available as PDF downloads from the website. The following Gennadius Library publications are therefore available again: The Venetians in Athens, 1687–1688: From the Istoria of Cristoforo Ivanovich, edited by James Morton Paton (Gennadeion Monographs I, 1940) Schliemann’s First Visit to America, 1850–1851, edited by Shirley H. Weber (Gennadeion Monographs II, 1942) Medieval and Renaissance Visitors to Greek Lands, by James Morton Paton (Gennadeion Monographs III, 1951) A complete list of volumes in the series Gennadeion Monographs is available here.