The American School of Classical Studies at Athens is thrilled to announce its purchase of an industrial micro-CT scanner to be incorporated at the School’s Malcolm Wiener Laboratory for Archeological Science. Acquiring the equipment marks a major accomplishment, as it will establish the Wiener Laboratory as the most important center for the application and development of archaeological sciences in Greece and adjacent areas. This equipment is expected to arrive at the lab in the next nine months.

In making the announcement, Executive Director George Orfanakos commented, “The acquisition of this Industrial micro-CT scanner is another sterling example of the transformational impact that philanthropy has had at the American School from the very beginning. In this case, the generosity of those who contributed to this cause has provided our Malcolm Wiener Laboratory for Archeological Science the tools it needs to uncover truths about Greece’s past that otherwise would simply not have been possible.”  He added, “We wish to thank all those who made significant contributions to the campaign. That support certainly helped us reach our fundraising goal for purchasing the new equipment.”

“I am very excited with the new industrial micro-CT scanner that the lab will acquire,” said Dr. Panagiotis (Takis) Karkanas Director, The Malcolm H. Wiener Laboratory for Archaeological Science“This equipment will introduce a new perspective in our research goals as a powerful means to study the external and internal structure of a series of archaeological materials in an environmentally safe way, including human osteological specimens, animal bone, soil and rock samples, as well as metal and ceramic archaeological objects.”

Dr. Karkanas pointed out that the Wiener Lab now has the only industrial high-resolution equipment in Greece.  Dedicated to scientific research, the lab will be a primary facility for inspecting important, precious museum objects derived from several ongoing excavations of American institutions under the auspices of the American School.