New Prevention Measures and Transportation Changes

1) Does public transport operate normally?

    Public transport will  continue to function, as doctors, pharmacists and other people still need it to go to work. However, the  total number of passengers has dropped more than 50%.

2) What changed in public transport?

    From the start of the shift (5:00am) until 10:00 am and from 3:00pm until 8:00pm which is rush hour, the schedule remains unchanged. The rest of they day, the schedule has being modified and all services are reduced to 50%.

3) Do taxis still work?

    Taxis continue to work normally but restrictions have been applied to the total number of passengers allowed. Since the beginning of the lockdown not so many taxis are available.

4) How many passengers are allowed in any vehicle?

    A total number of 2 persons is allowed in each vehicle, including the driver.

5) Are all flights grounded?

    As of 24/03/2020  all flights from and to Italy and Spain have been cancelled. On midnight of Tuesday, March 24th all flights from the  UK and Turkey have also being cancelled.

6) Can I go outside my house/apartment?

    As of Monday March 23rd, you are only allowed to move outside your house for the following reasons:
        a) To go to work and come back. For this, a special form needs to be completed (where you state the timeframe during which you go to work and leave work), signed and stamped by your employer .

        b) Other than work you are only allowed to move for the following six reasons:

            1) To go to the pharmacy, hospital, or doctor after they have being contacted and approved that you need to visit
            2) To go to a food store (supermarket, grocery, bakery)
            3) To go to the bank, only if the transaction cannot be completed online
            4) To assist elderly people in your family
            5) To attend a service (baptism, wedding, funeral) or if you are divorced and need to visit your children
            6) Going out for daily exercise or walking your pet on your own, or in couples. When in couples it is required that you keep a safety distance of 2 meters

            * Please note that if you wish to go out for any of the above 6 reasons you are required either a) to prepare a printed or handwritten form, stating the reason you are going out and sign the form. 
        or b) send an SMS to 13033 to get permission.
    SMS example to 13033 —> 2(space) Full Name (space) home address. The reply you get is instant.
            ** You are also required to always carry  your ID/Passport and the form or SMS

7) Which stores are currently open?

    The only stores that are allowed to remain open, are pharmacies and all food stores (supermarkets, grocery stores, bakeries, meat and fish markets)

    The new opening hours for supermarkets and other food stores until April 25 are Mondays to Fridays from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturdays from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. On March 29 stores will be closed, while a decision about the following Sunday, April 5, will be made later.

    Pharmacies will be open from 9am until 5pm (Mon - Friday). The schedule for emergency pharmacies will continue as before.

8) What about restaurants, tavernas, bars and cafeterias?

    All the above businesses  are closed until further notice. Only delivery or take away is still available. Also  seating areas and tables/chairs are to be taken away.

9) What about electronics and computer stores?

    All commercial establishments are closed until further notice. They operate only through e-shops and only delivery is available.

10) What about hotels?

    All hotels are required  to remain  closed until further notice. In Athens and Thessaloniki, only 3 hotel will remain open. Also one hotel will required to operate in each regional capital city.