Schliemann’s Increasing Popularity in Spain
Club El Tiro’s magazine with an essay about Schliemann’s visit to La Granja in 1859
In 1859 Heinrich Schliemann traveled to Spain. In his diary Schliemann recorded his visit to La Granja de San Ildefonso, as well as his unsuccessful efforts to visit the royal family of Spain at their summer residence. Known as "the Versailles of Spain," the splendid palace of La Granja was built for Philip V in the early 18th century. Architect and lawyer Carmen Serrano de Haro has published an essay about Schliemann's journey to La Granja de San Ildefonso in the magazine of the Country Club El Tiro. The Club was established as a hunting lodge in the early 20th century. To foster stronger relationships between the Club and the Gennadius Library, the president of the Club, Vincente Santamaria de Paredes Castillo, donated two books to the Library about the palace and the gardens in La Granja. On Tuesday, December 8th, his Excellency the Amabassor of Spain to Greece, Alfonso Lucini, and his wife Mrs. Carmen Serrano de Haro presented to the Library the books as well as a copy of the Club's magazine (with Serrano de Haro's essay about Schliemann's trip to San Ildefonso).