The Pancyprian Women’s Initiative Network (WIN) hosted a well-attended lecture by Stephanie Larson, Professor of Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies at Bucknell University, on Thursday, November 14, 2019. The event was held at the Holy Trinity Cathedral Community Center in New York City, and a portion of the proceeds benefited the American School.

Larson’s presentation, “The Ancient World of Women at Work: Power, Sex, and Revenge” provided depictions from Greek art and references from literature supporting the manifestations of these three attributes. Larson is a Greek cultural historian and philologist with special interests in the construction and maintenance of regional, ethnic, and gender identities in Archaic and Classical Greece; and is also Secretary of the Managing Committee of the American School.

Angelika Akehurst, Recording Secretary of WIN; Stephanie Larson, Professor of Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies, Bucknell University; Theana Iordanou, President of WIN; Elena Ermogenous, a member of the Board of Directors of WIN

The Pancyprian WIN is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to inspiring and supporting the advancement of American women of Hellenic heritage or philhellenic passion. It promotes and supports initiatives in education, health services, cultural arts, human rights, and social justice through fundraising and the creation of programs dedicated to such aims.

George T. Orfanakos, Nancy Savaides, Stephanie Larson, and H. Alan Shapiro