Winter 2019 Newsletter Online

In this issue:

  • Campaign for New Student Center Launches
  • Philanthropy in Motion: Recent Gfts
  • Library Collections Modernized
  • NEH Renews Fellowship Program
  • Makriyannis Wing Opens
  • Agora Volunteers Reflect on Experience
  • Corinth Reaches Out to Young Audiences
  • Scenes from the 2018 Gala
  • Donor Spotlight: Dawn Smith-Popielski and Nick Popielski
  • Assistant Director Publishes Book: Q&A with Dylan Rogers
  • Meet the Regular Members!
  • School Faculty Receive Honors
  • Marble Plaque on New Garden Path Honors Mylonas
  • Blegen Hosts Exhibition
  • Corinth Site Guide Released
  • Student Trips Inspire Poetry
  • Collection Closeup: Agora
  • In Memoriam: James McCredie and Barbara Tsakirgis

And more. . .

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