Yusuf Karabicak

Constantine & George Macricostas Fellow

Yusuf has completed his PhD thesis titled “Local Patriots and Ecumenical Ottomans: The Orthodox Patriarchate of Constantinople in the Ottoman Configuration of Power, 1768-1828” at McGill University and EHESS (France). He is a historian of the Ottoman Empire, focusing on questions of state formation, religion, diplomacy, patriotism, and revolution from an Ottoman (Muslim and Orthodox) perspective. 

Yusuf’s project at the Gennadius Library is entitled "Leaving the Revolution Behind: Negotiating a New Status for the Orthodox Patriarchate of Constantinople after 1821." It examines the decade of the Greek Revolution to understand how a new status quo was established between the Ottoman government and the Orthodox Patriarchate of Constantinople following the execution of so many Orthodox prelates by the Ottoman government. The project benefits from various personal paper collections at the Gennadius Library, such as the Patriarchate of Antioch Collection, the Markos A. Dragoumis Collection, the Konstantinos Mousouros Collection, and the Konstantinos Oikonomos Collection.