ascsa 365 account

If you already have a private 365 account or a University 365 account, and you are having problems to login, please check the following to avoid any confusion.

Subject: How to Access Your ASCSA 365 Account

Dear Member,

1. **Add Your ASCSA Account**:
   - Open any Microsoft Office app (Outlook, Word, Teams).
   - Go to Account settings and add your ASCSA 365 account.

2. **Clear Browser Cache and Cookies**:
   - This helps to avoid login conflicts.

3. **Use InPrivate/Incognito Mode**:
   - Open an InPrivate or Incognito window in your browser for logging into ASCSA’s 365.

4. **Sign Out of University Account**:
   - Make sure you are signed out from your university account in both browser and Office apps.

5. **Use Different Browsers for Different Accounts**:
   - For example, use Chrome for your university account and Firefox for your ASCSA account.

6. **Profile Switching in Browsers**:
   - Use the profile feature in browsers like Chrome or Edge to switch between accounts easily.

7. **Access Specific URL**:
   - Use this link to log into your ASCSA 365 account: [ASCSA’s 365 login URL].

If you encounter any issues, please do not hesitate to reach out to our IT support team at :




Best regards,
ASCSA IT Department