A blast from the past! A number of old ASCSA Newsletters from the late 1970s/early 1980s are now available through the School's Archives. Leaf through the Fall 1982 issue to find out what was happening at the ASCSA in the early 1980s --the School had just celebrated its Centennary and the campaign for the Centennial Fund was half way to meet its goal, namely, to raise $6 million to the School's endowment. Here are some of the titles of the essays featured in that issue:

"The Next Five Years (An Editorial by the Director)"
"School Undertakes Vital Task: Conservation of Artifacts from the Athenian Agora Excavations" (by Stephen P. Koob)
"Ralph E. Griswold (1894-1981) and the Landscaping of the Agora Excavations" (by Homer A. Thompson)
'Ibycus System Streamlines Production of School Publications" (by Nancy Moore)
"Excavations at Kommos. Season VII: 1982" (by Joseph W. Shaw)
"Excavations at Nemea, 1982" (by Stephen G. Miller)
"Meritt History of the School to Appear in the Near Future"
"Gift to Gennadius Library Proves to be Rare Pamphlet" (by Sophie Papageorgiou)
"Hélène Stathatos" (by Francis R. Walton)
"Richard Stillwell" (by Lucy Shoe Meritt)