In the papers of poet and Nobel laureate George Seferis, there is a collection of newspapers, magazines, and leaflets published either secretly or outside Greece during WW II. It is known as Μυστικός Τύπος. One of these magazines, ΑΕΡΑ, was published in Cairo and was thrown by airplanes into territories occupied by the Germans. Its title, which stood for Α[γγλία] E[λλάς], Ρ[ωσία], Α[μερική], resonated with the word (αέρα) that Greek soldiers were shouting during the Greek-Italian war in 1940-41.

Today, we celebrate 1821 by posting the cover of the March 1942 issue. ΑΕΡΑ has been digitized and many of its issues are available through the ASCSA Archives webpage (scroll down at the end of Box/Φακ. 81).

Browse the March 1942 issue