Permits to Study and/or Publish Objects

Please note that you need to become a member of the School in order to submit a permit request. 

Requests to study objects in museum collections or storerooms are submitted by the School to the relevant Ephoreia of Antiquities or Museum for approval. Please fill out the permit request form and send it to the Administrative Assistant to the Director. When applying for a permit please provide information according to the following topics and questions:

a) Wider framework/ purpose of study:
Briefly describe your research project and the purpose of the proposed study.
b) Material:
Attach a catalogue of objects with inventory numbers, as well as the display/storage location of the objects. If you are not able to find inventory numbers then please attach photographs of each object.
If the material has been published, please provide a bibliographic reference (please note that preliminary reports of excavations, such as those published in the Archaeologiko Deltio or the Praktika of the Archaeological Society, are NOT considered publications). 
If you want to study unpublished material, please make sure your request is accompanied by the written permission of the excavator.
When material comes from a project of another foreign school in Athens, the application should be accompanied by a letter from that school giving permission to the applicant to study and/or publish the material.
c) Proposed Work:
Be specific about what it is that you want to do with the objects (study, photograph, measure, draw, make a squeeze etc) and what equipment you will be using.
d) Dates of proposed work:
Give specific dates, e.g. 2-17 October, January 2018.

Please bear in mind that having a study permit does not give you permission to publish material. If you also wish to publish the results of your study, please provide the following information:
a) Title of publication
b) Print run
c) Publisher
d) Language(s) of Publication


For image permissions, please fill out the relevant form:
Application form for permission to photograph in museums and archaeological sites
Application form for permission to use images in printed publications
Application form for permission to use images in e-publications
Application form for permission to use images on the internet

Study permits can take a variable amount of time to be issued, ranging from a few weeks to several months. Applicants must submit their requests to the School at least two to three months prior to the dates of their proposed work. Permissions to study/publish unpublished material can take up to one year.