On-Site Programs

Corinth Excavations will happily host your school on-site at the Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth. Students can interact with real archaeologists, ask them questions about Ancient Corinth or about the discipline more generally, they can see and hold real artifacts, and they can learn how the museum and the excavations operate "behind the scenes."

Available On-site Programs for Grades 1-6:

  • Pegasus & Bellerophon: The myth and its legacy (1st Grade)
  • Peirene Fountain (2nd Grade)
  • Apostle Paul in Ancient Corinth (2nd Grade)
  • Apollo in Ancient Corinth (3rd Grade)
  • Medea in Ancient Corinth (4th Grade)
  • Ancient Political Systems (4th Grade)
  • Roman Tombs in Corinth (5th Grade)
  • What happened when the Romans arrived? (5th Grade)
  • Ottoman Corinth (6th Grade)
  • The Theater in Ancient Greece (6th Grade)
  • How was life before the internet? Everyday life in Ancient Corinth (mixed grades)


To schedule an educational program or to obtain more information, please email Corinth Excavations.


Enjoy a selection of photos from past educational programs held on-site for students and visitors:


Interpreting Ancient Mysteries of Demeter: A collaboration between the ASCSA, a Corinthian school, The American College of Greece-PIERCE, Dr. Nancy Bookidis, Diazoma, Olympia Odos, and the Greek Ministry of Culture.


Operation Odeion: Music in Ancient Corinth Across Centuries: A collaboration between the ASCSA, the Psychology Club and Student Councils from The American College of Greece-PIERCE, Diazoma, Olympia Odos, Pierce Choir and Orchestra, the Elementary School of Ancient Corinth, the Smile of the Child Orphanage, and the Greek Ministry of Culture.


Asklepios and Healing in the Ancient Greek World and Today: A collaboration between the ASCSA, The American College of Greece-PIERCE, the 85th Kindergarten of Athens, Diazoma, and Olympia Odos.


Schoolchildren visit the Bema for an educational program on the Apostle Paul


Schoolchildren visit the Temple of Apollo for an educationalprogram on Apollo


Schoolchildren hold a ceramic fragment depicting Pegasus for an educational program on Pegasus


Schoolchildren inside a Roman chamber tomb for an educational program on Roman Corinth

International Archaeology Day 2020

Schoolchildren re-enacting the myth of Medea for an educational program on Glauke Fountain
Skyping with students from India.
Skyping with students from Poland.
Students completing activities after an on-site educational program
International Archaeology Day 2019
Students from a New York school after a Virtual Field Trip to Ancient Corinth with Eleni Gizas.    
A special on-site program about perceptions of beauty in the ancient world and today for students from the American College of Greece - PIERCE and the 3rd Gymnasium of Corinth. 
International Museum Day 2019
An on-site program about food in ancient Greece for the local kindergarten.

Toys and small figurines made by students after the program.

Young student holding a terracotta horse-and-rider figurine from the Corinth Excavations collection.

On-site program 'Peloponnesian War Propaganda: Classical Athens vs. Corinth' for students from Homo Educandus High School.
On-site program 'Byzantine and Frankish Styles' for fourth graders from nearby Kiato.
On-site program for the 2016 ASCSA Summer Session II.
On-site program 'A Word from the Encyclopedia: Votive', adapted from 'Healing in the Ancient Greek World and Today'.
On-site program 'Asklepios and Healing in the Ancient Greek World and Today' for families.

A special 'Operation Odeion' on-site program about ancient and modern music.

A special 'Olive Oil Everywhere!' on-site program for the local kindergarten.
Ioulia Tzonou and Katie Petrole showing students how to use a strigil.
Inside the museum, carefully holding artifacts.
Katie Petrole showing an inscribed bronze vessel during 'Corinth Excavations and Contested Histories: Saying the Unspeakable in Museums'.
Katie Petrole paying Mystery Skype with students from Hanoi, Vietnam. Photo: Hoa Nắng.
Katie Petrole presenting a poster with lesson plan contributor Nancy Antonellis, who teaches high school Latin and developed an archaeology course based on Corinth Excavations educational resources for her students.
Corinthian inscriptions based on real artifacts, in a Latin lesson led by Nancy Antonellis. Photo: Nancy Antonellis.

An on-site tour led by Katie Petrole for students of ASCSA alumnae from Cincinnati, Ohio.

Ioulia Tzonou showing off a secret passage in the Sacred Spring during 'Buried Data'.