Here is what educators have to say about our programs!

Students loved being taken around the site... At the end of our ten day tour, this was the experience most of the kids kept coming back to. For many of them, just meeting the professionals who work in the field was eye opening. I have had multiple students in the group ask about pursuing archaeology in college. (2018)

We enjoyed the enthusiasm of the speaker. We enjoyed her expertise and the fun facts about Corinth. The students enjoy most when they can interact or ask and answer questions with the speaker which they did after her presentation. (2018)

My students and I had the opportunity to see, live, the site, the museum and artifacts. That experience, along with the ability to ask questions and interact with our presenter, went beyond what we would have experienced from books and YouTube videos. (2019)

Μας άρεσε πολύ που είδαμε χώρους που το κοινό δεν βλέπει, τις αποθήκες και το εργαστήριο. Η αρχαιολόγος μίλησε στα παιδιά με απλά, κατανοητά λόγια, οποταν ήταν εύκολο να την παρακολουθήσουν. (2020)

I appreciate [the speaker] was really well prepared for the session. My students liked her energy. It was our first ever Skype in the classroom session, so I value the fact that [the speaker] adjusted the language to my students. Last, but not least, the photos and history of Corinth presented to US were valuable for the History curriculum realized at our school. (2020)

It was a fantastic session as it's a rare opportunity that my students get to see and learn from an archeologist from Greece. (2020)

We really enjoyed how we were able to see parts of ancient Greece both how it is now and how it looked in the past. And we also loved the behind the scenes of what happens at an excavation site and museum. (2020)

The presenter did an amazing job keeping the students engaged as well as teaching them valuable information. (2021)

The visuals and the detailed manner in which it was explained - right from the role of an archaeologist, to the location of Corinth to the kind of artifacts found there till now. (2021)

We loved the session and we’ll certainly be happy to provide feedback on the survey. Thanks again for having us, it really does make a difference to their learning and understanding. Many of our children haven’t even been outside of Skegness, so to speak to an expert in another country is a real wow moment for them. (2022)