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The Alumni/ae Association enables alumni and alumnae of the School to keep in contact with one another and to support the activities of the School. Association dues and donations fund gifts, including a scholarship for the ASCSA Summer Session in Greece.

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Annual Dues

Annual dues are $25 (employed), $10  (retired, or un- & under-employed), and $500 (lifetime! click for a list of Lifetime Donors). You may pay your 2021/2022 dues now until February 28, 2022.

Additional donations are gratefully accepted!

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Loring Hall/Student Center Renovation Campaign

The Alumni/ae Association resolves to contribute to the Loring Hall Renovation Campaign ("Student Center" = Loring Hall, Annex, and West House). For details, please click here.

To launch our capital campaign for the renovation of Loring Hall, West House and the Annex, would you mind sharing your memories of Loring with us?

  • Dyeing Easter eggs and roasting the lamb on a spit, solving the world's problems during ouzo hour, the wonder of that rare Athens snowstorm, and, oh yes, the hot, sleepless nights with no A/C. Whether they are funny or poignant, we want to hear about your memories made in Loring Hall. 2019 marks the campaign to renovate Loring so let us now reminisce about the good old days. Oh, and did we say a prize will be awarded? Please accompany your story with photo(s) and caption(s). That makes all the difference!
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News & Events etc.

  • Margaret Miles is the 2022 Aristeia Award Winner. 
  • Niamh Michalopoulou and Nick Michalopoulos are the 2021 Aristeia Award Winners.
  • More....
  • Annual meeting of ASCSA-AA: The ASCSA Alumni/ae Meeting will take place on Sunday, January 16, 2022, 12.00 pm to 2.30 pm (ET) via Zoom. More.... 
  • ASCSA Cookbook (2011 edition) by alumna Kathleen Lynch available. More....
  • ASCSA Newsletters can be found here!

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February 2, 2023

Books of Asia Minor. Cultural Traces of Asia Minor Hellenism [1764-1922]: Virtual Exhibition

Τake a virtual tour of the exhibition "Books of Asia Minor. Cultural Traces of Asia Minor Hellenism [1764-1922]"

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