The Metal Objects, 1952-1989

by Isabelle K. Raubitschek

Isthmia VII
238 pp, 8 plans, 96 pls
9" x 12"
Cloth, ISBN: 978-0-87661-937-7
Publication Date: Nov 1998
Status: Active

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Objects made from bronze, iron, copper, gold, silver, and lead and recovered from the sanctuary of Poseidon at Isthmia are published in this volume. Many of the pieces, although very fragmentary, were recovered from the debris of the Archaic Temple of Poseidon and belong to the formative phase of the sanctuary during the 7th and 6th centuries B.C. They are representative of the range of offerings found in a major sanctuary during the period that saw development of the famous metalworking establishments at Corinth and the founding of Panhellenic games at Isthmia. Individual chapters focus on metal sculpture, vases, jewelry, horse-trappings, and tools, most of them from the Archaic period. Attention is given to metal used in architecture and to remains of foundry activity at the sanctuary. The author addresses the problem of the origin of the strigil, the chronology of horse bits, and questions of imports in relation to local production. She compares individual offerings with comparable pieces from other sanctuaries. Most of the objects are illustrated by line drawings, by photographs, or by both. Extensive bibliography, useful concordances and appendixes of uncatalogued objects make the material, although fragmentary, easily accessible. The armor will be published separately.