For Authors

Manuscripts and communications should be addressed to:

Carol A. Stein

Director of Publications
American School of Classical Studies
321 Wall Street
Princeton, NJ 08540-1515

Tel: +1 609-454-6816

Initial Submissions

Manuscripts for submission should be sent to the Director of Publications at the address above. For review purposes, please submit the following:

  • A PDF containing frontmatter, text, notes, and references, with pages numbered consecutively.
  • A PDF containing all tables.
  • A PDF containing all illustrations; do not submit artwork as individual files.
  • An abstract of approximately 250 words.
  • A completed and signed Checklist for Initial Manuscript Submission.
  • A cover letter that specifies (1) the authors of the submitted manuscript and their affiliations and contact information; (2) the names of any other scholars who have read the manuscript.
  • A recommendation from your field director (if the manuscript is a primary report on material from excavations conducted under School auspices).

To the extent possible, manuscripts should be prepared in such a way as to maintain the anonymity of the author. Although we do not insist that authors conform to our house style when initially submitting their manuscripts for review, you may find our Author Guidelines useful (available below). Please do not submit original artwork at this stage.

Review Process

Copies of the manuscript are sent to two outside referees and one member of the Publications Committee for review. When the referee reports have been received, they are distributed to the remaining Committee members. The Committee may decide to accept the manuscript, accept it on condition of revisions, reject the manuscript while urging resubmission, or reject it. The Committee may also seek the opinion of additional referees. The entire review process normally takes four to six months.

Accepted Manuscripts

Authors whose manuscripts have been accepted should download the Author Guidelines, the Checklist for Final Submission, and an Art Inventory Form (available below). A detailed editorial assessment will be provided along with the acceptance letter and copies of the referee reports.

Authors of accepted manuscripts have up to six months to complete their revisions. Manuscripts that have been accepted on condition of revisions are reviewed by a member of the Publications Committee before being approved for publication. If revisions take appreciably longer than six months, the revised manuscript will be resubmitted to the formal review process, likely with different outside and Publications Committee readers.

Once the necessary revisions have been made, final manuscripts should be submitted to the Director of Publications at the address above. Please include the following:

  • A complete digital copy of the manuscript, with a separate Word file for each component of the manuscript (front matter, caption list, chapter 1, etc.). Any tables should be submitted as individual Word files.
  • The final artwork for production, with each file name labeled by figure number.
  • Physical printouts of the manuscript and the artwork; these must be identical to the digital files.
  • A completed and signed Checklist for Final Manuscript Submission.
  • A completed Art Inventory form.
  • All necessary permissions to reproduce artwork or long text extracts.
  • A cover letter detailing the revisions made to the manuscript.

Completed manuscripts must incorporate all requested changes and conform to the Author Guidelines.

Both text and notes should be double-spaced, single-sided, and in a consistent font type and size (we prefer 12-point Times New Roman for English and KadmosU for Greek). Every page must be numbered consecutively, preferably in the upper right-hand corner, and footnote numbering should start at "1" with each new file. Margins of 1 in. (2.5 cm) should be left on all edges of the page.

A manuscript will not be accepted for production until all requested revisions, all illustrations, and all permissions have been received. Once the revised manuscript has been accepted, no major changes to the text will be allowed.

Guidelines and Forms

Preparing Artwork

Further Information