Friends of Hesperia

Hesperia has grown tremendously since its founding in 1932. Its original purpose was to publish the work of the School, and while this is still its core mission, Hesperia now also publishes the work of scholars from around the world. Submissions are encouraged from all those whose work contributes in a significant way to the study of Greek archaeology and its related fields. Another area of growth derives from the fact that the methods used to investigate the ancient world have become far more diverse; the subject matter covered by Hesperia’s articles have correspondingly also expanded.

As Hesperia’s scope has broadened, its influence has increased, and it now holds a place among the most preeminent journals in the field of archaeology, a position that is recognized by the number of scholars seeking to have their work published within its pages. Thus, Hesperia is continuing to grow, not only in scope and breadth, but also in its page count. The Friends of Hesperia was founded in 2014 to help fund this growth in all its manifestations.

We therefore invite everyone to become members of our Friends of Hesperia family!


Contributions are welcome in any amount and are tax deductible. Levels of giving are named after some of the ASCSA’s past editors: McAllister: $25, Chase: $50, Fowler: $100, Cullen: $250, Clement: $500, Capps: $750, Carpenter: $1,000, Meritt: $2,500, Shoe: $5,000, Pierce Blegen: $10,000.

List of Friends of Hesperia written over the Hesperia logo. Carpenter: Andrew P. Bridges and J. Rebecca Lyman, Jack L. Davis and Sharon R. Stocker*, Julie Herzig and Robert J. Desnick, William T. Loomis*, Sarah P. Morris and John K. Papadopoulos*, James H. Ottaway Jr., Jeremy B. Rutter, Charles and Ellen Steinmetz, Stephen V. Tracy*, Joseph Wagman; Clement: Sarah George Figueira and Thomas J. Figueira, Mary R. Lefkowitz; Cullen: Diane Harris-Cline and Eric Cline, Carter Eltzroth, Antonis Kotsonas, Carol C. Mattusch, in memory of George L. Huxley, Pan Arcadian Federation of America–Nea Mantinea Chapter, Mary C. Sturgeon; Fowler: Tracey Cullen*, Madeleine de Jean, Hallie Franks, in memory of Gloria Pinney, Mark L. Lawall, Brian Martens, David Gilman Romano and Irene Bald Romano*, Trevor Van Damme; Chase: Carol Lawton and Jere Wickens, Colin M. Whiting; McAllister: Paolo Custodi. Category designations represent contributions given between November 2023 and May 2024. * Designates Hesperia Friends who have shown their continuing support over the last five years.

As our thanks to you, your name will be listed online and on the inside back cover of four consecutive issues of the journal.

Credit card gifts are also accepted by telephone. Planned gifts such as bequests or annuities that benefit Hesperia are also welcome. Please call 609-454-6815 for details.