New Fieldwork Series

ASCSA Publications has the right of first refusal for the publication of all fieldwork projects affiliated with the School.

A proposal for the publication of a fieldwork project affiliated with the School should be made by the Director of Record. The publication plan may include articles in Hesperia as well as volumes. The proposal should do the following:

  • Give a brief description of the nature and scope of the project
  • Identify the authors of the projected volumes and/or articles
  • Briefly outline the contents of each volume and/or article with its approximate size and the approximate number and types of illustrations
  • Provide a schedule of publication

The results of a fieldwork project may be published in another venue when the Director of Record has obtained the approval of the Director of the School and the Chair of the Committee on Publications.

A subvention is normally expected for each volume in a series of fieldwork publications.

Each volume and article will go through the normal review process (with outside reviewers) and must satisfy the Author Guidelines, the Checklist for Initial Submission, and the Checklist for Final Submission. In the case of unusually long manuscripts, some supporting material may be published electronically. Volumes will be numbered in the order in which they are published. Conference proceedings may not be published as part of a fieldwork series.

Proposals for the publication of a fieldwork project will be reviewed by the Publications Committee and the Publications staff and may be sent to outside reviewers for comments. The Publications Committee, in consultation with the Publications staff, will decide to accept or decline a proposal for the publication of an excavation series based on the merits of the proposal and the anticipated workload of the Publications office during the period indicated in the proposal.