The Springs: Peirene, Sacred Spring, Glauke

by Bert Hodge Hill

Corinth I.6
235 pp, 18 large-scale plates
9" x 12"
Cloth, ISBN: 978-0-87661-016-9
Publication Date: Nov 1964
Status: Out of Print


The two springs in the Corinthian Agora, Peirene and the Sacred Spring, which were dug early in the excavation of Corinth, were studied in exhaustive detail for more than 40 years by Bert Hodge Hill as he developed those methods of observation, recording, and interpretation which he taught so inspiringly to several generations of archaeologists. Although his manuscript was not complete at the time of his death, all that he had written down is here. After introductory testimonia and identification, Peirene is described in its numerous periods (several Greek, seven Roman, Byzantine, and Modern) with a special section on Supply Tunnels and an analysis of paintings by Prentice Duell who did the watercolors from which the color plates were made. The whole sanctuary connected with the Sacred Spring is treated topographically, each part (roadway, temple, triglyph friezes, reservoir, fountain house, bases, terraces) described and then the three main periods outlined. For Glauke, George Elderkin’s study of 1910 is reprinted with only partial revision by Bert Hill.

As Carl Blegen says in the preface, “Here we see Bert Hill’s searching methods, his logical mind at work, and his uncanny ability to deal with a complex problem.” Although his final chronological conclusions are missing, his meticulous description, logical interpretation, convincing reconstruction, and evidence for relative chronology given in full detail are a worthy memorial to a great archaeologist.