The North Cemetery

by Carl W. Blegen, Hazel Palmer, and Rodney S. Young

Corinth XIII
344 pp, 25 figs, 30 pls (6 in color)
9" x 12"
Cloth, ISBN: 978-0-87661-131-9
Publication Date: Nov 1964
Status: Out of Print


The North Cemetery at Corinth was originally discovered in 1915. Excavations in 1928-1930 uncovered 530 graves and cleared 54 deposits. The graves represented remains from the Middle Helladic, Geometric, proto-Corinthian, and Corinthian periods and continued through the 5th and 4th centuries B.C. There was also a certain amount of reuse in the Roman period.

"This report is a triumph of team work. Behind the careful and well-written documentation of the principals lies years of labour by those who drew up the catalogues from the site notebooks written a generation before. Piet de Jong’s six water-colour plates of the finest pottery found in the graves are masterpieces. Immense trouble has been taken with the line-drawings, and the photographs of the tombs taken during the excavations would do credit to archaeologists today." W. H. C. Frend, Journal of Hellenic Studies 86 (1966), p. 278