Castles of the Morea

by Kevin Andrews

Gennadeion Monographs IV
296 pp, 232 figs, 40 pls
9" x 12"
Cloth, ISBN: 978-0-87661-404-4
Publication Date: Nov 1953
Status: Out of Print

This book presents a description of 16 of the larger medieval fortresses in the Peloponnese, occupied by the Venetians during the period 1685-1715. It is also a beautifully written celebration of some of Greece’s most striking, but also least studied, architectural monuments, inspired by a unique collection of 17th-century fortification plans (the so-called “Grimani codex”) preserved in the Gennadius Library of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens.

The book has been long out of print, but a revised edition was published in 2006. See: