The Athenian Grain-Tax Law of 374/3 B.C.

by Ronald S. Stroud

Hesperia Supplement 29
153 pp,
8.5" x 11"
Paper, ISBN: 978-0-87661-529-4
Publication Date: Nov 1998
Status: Active

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The first publication of a complex and well-preserved Athenian law of great interest to historians. Discovered in the Agora Excavations in 1986, this hitherto unknown law rivals in importance that of the law on silver coinage of 375/4 B.C., which was published by the author some twenty years ago. In addition to the complete text, translation, and notes on readings, the author, a superb epigrapher, provides commentary on the many parts of this document, which contributes significant new information on the history, law, economy, topography, and public finance of Athens in the Classical period. The first section of the volume includes an expert analysis of the layout of the inscription and useful notes, while the major portion of the text is devoted to detailed commentary on the law, its purpose, and implementation. The historical setting of the law is well-illuminated in the final section. The authors analyses of this important inscription provide a solid foundation for new avenues of research.

About the Author: Ronald S. Stroud was the Klio Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Classical Languages and Literature at the University of California, Berkeley.