The Tiled-Roof Phenomenon in Early Helladic Greece: Evidence from Zygouries

by Kyle A. Jazwa

Hesperia Supplement 53
264 pp, 83 b/w and 7 color figs, 28 tables
8.5" x 11"
Paper, ISBN: 978-0-87661-555-3
Publication Date: June 2024
Status: Active

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This study presents the Early Helladic (EH) II ceramic roofing tile fragments from Zygouries, a site excavated by Carl Blegen more than a century ago. It is the first publication of an entire assemblage of EH roof tiles, an oft-neglected find on archaeological sites. Details about the tiles' forms, dimensions, features, and variability are presented first, followed by a production-oriented analysis reconstructing much of the chaine operatoire and complementary volumetric and energetic analyses. The results of these studies allow for the local reception and socio-political implications of Zygouries’s ceramic-tiled roof to be explored. The assemblage is then contextualized alongside other EH roofing tile assemblages and the material culture of the period to gain a clearer understanding of the broader cultural significance of such tiled roofs.

About the Author: Kyle A. Jazwa is a lecturer at Maastricht University.