Late Classical, Hellenistic, and Roman Pottery

by John W. Hayes and Kathleen Warner Slane

Isthmia XI
440 pp, 2 b/w ills, 6 b/w plans and 1 color plan, 93 b/w figs, 37 b/w pls, 7 tables
9" x 12"
Cloth, ISBN: 978-0-87661-916-2
Publication Date: June 2022
Status: Active

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This volume presents the Late Classical through Roman pottery from the University of Chicago excavations at Isthmia (1952-1989). In a series of three chapters—on the Late Classical and Hellenistic pottery, the Roman pottery, and the pottery from the Palaimonion—a general discussion is followed by a catalogue presenting datable contexts and then by a catalogue of other noteworthy pottery. Appendixes discuss the stratigraphy of the Palaimonion and observations on new and previously published lamps. Amphora stamps are the focus of a further appendix, followed by a catalogue of the Slavic and Byzantine pottery found in the sanctuary area. Although the pottery is sometimes fragmentary, the range of materials over this thousand-year period is typical of Corinthian sites. The finds presented here provide critical information about the history of the Panhellenic sanctuary of Poseidon and the ritual activities that took place there.

About the Author: John W. Hayes is the the author of many books and reports including Roman Pottery: Fine-Ware Imports (Agora XXXII). Kathleen Warner Slane is Professor Emerita of Art History and Archaeology at the University of Missouri-Columbia.