Topography and Architecture

by Oscar Broneer

Isthmia II
164 pp, 100 pls (2 in color), 10 plans
9" x 12"
Cloth, ISBN: 978-0-87661-932-2
Publication Date: Nov 1973
Status: Out of Print

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Oscar Broneer’s excavations at the sanctuary at Isthmia between 1952 and 1960 revealed much about an important center of Greek civilization. This volume particularly provides the fullest possible picture of the temenos of Poseidon in Greek and Roman times, including the closely related stadia and the sanctuary of Palaimon and several monuments excavated to the west of the sanctuary: the Sacred Glen, the West Foundation, and the Hippodrome. The Temple of Poseidon itself is discussed in detail in Isthmia I. There is a wealth of information here including some particularly interesting discussion of the starting mechanism of the earlier stadium, the religious significance of two “cult caves” and the underground passage beneath the Temple of Palaimon.