Exhibition Catalogues

The Makriyannis Exhibition Wing offers a public venue in Athens for exploring ideas central to understanding the Greek world, through exhibits based on or inspired by the collections and research of the School. Although the catalogues produced to accompany these exhibits are not part of a formal series, they are collected here for easy reference.

Ioannis Makriyannis: Vital Expression, edited by Maria Georgopoulou (2018)

Ioannis Makriyannis: Vital Expression (Modern Greek), edited by Maria Georgopoulou (2018)

Ion Dragoumis: Between East and West, edited by Natalia Vogeikoff-Brogan (2020)

The Free and the Brave: American Philhellenes and the "Glorious Struggle of the Greeks" (1776–1866), edited by Maria Georgopoulou (2021)

Hippos: The Horse in Ancient Athens, edited by Jenifer Neils and Shannon M. Dunn (2022)

The Epic of Anatolia in the Greek Imagination: The Asia Minor Catastrophe in Literature between the Wars, edited by Natalia Vogeikoff-Brogan and Natasha Lemos (2022)