Ancient Art and Architecture in Context

Published with the support of the Getty Foundation, this series aims to demonstrate, through case studies of specific artifacts and monuments, that aesthetic study, contextual investigation, and technical examination are complementary tools in the quest to retrieve meaning from the past. By demonstrating the rich understanding that can be gained through combining archaeological and art historical data, and integrating maps and plans of contexts with detailed images of objects, each book shows by example how archaeological and art historical approaches to the past have much to offer each other.

1: The Derveni Krater: Masterpiece of Classical Greek Metalwork, by Beryl Barr-Sharrar (2008)

2: Histories of Peirene: A Corinthian Fountain in Three Millennia, by Betsey A. Robinson (2011)

3: Hunters, Heroes, Kings: The Frieze of Tomb II at Vergina, by Hallie M. Franks (2012)

4: The Sanctuary of Athena at Sounion, by Barbara A. Barletta (2017)