The New Griffon

Published annually, the New Griffon is a bilingual Modern Greek-English periodical publication produced by the Gennadius Library. Some issues contain essays on a variety of themes while others focus on particular topics.

8: Mapping Mediterranean Lands, edited by Maria Georgopoulou (2006)

9: The Modern Greek Resources Project: Libraries, Collections, and Databases, edited by Maria Georgopoulou (2007)

10: The Archaeology of Xenitia: Greek Immigration and Material Culture, edited by Kostis Kourelis (2008)

11: Kostas Varnalis's Papers: The Poet's Workshop and History (Modern Greek), edited by Theano Michailidou (2010)

12: Hidden Treasures at the Gennadius Library, edited by Maria Georgopoulou and Irini Solomonidi (2011)

13: A Culture of Translation: British and Irish Scholarship in the Gennadius Library (1740-1840), edited by Lynda Mulvin (2012)