Christos-Georgios Kritikos

Schwarz Fellow in Urban Architecture

Dr Christos-Georgios Kritikos is an architect, architectural historian and theorist. He holds a MA in Architectural History from the Bartlett School of Architecture, U.C.L. (2016), a M.Sc. in Methodology of Research in Architecture from the National Technical University of Athens (2017) and a Diploma in Architecture from the same university (2014). Until now he has been working mainly as a research associate in various research programs and as a teaching assistant in History & Theory courses at NTUAthens. His PhD, funded by the Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation and the State Scholarships Foundation and supervised by Professor Panagiotis Tournikiotis in NTUAthens, aims at a critical historical examination of the urban conservation policies that emerged in the city of Athens after the end of the seven-year right-wing military dictatorship in 1974, as well as their repercussions on the city’s social geography.

His current post-doc research conducted at the Gennadius Library, focuses on the conflict between private property and urban heritage in modern Athens. Outlined through research in the ASCSA Administrative Records and the Constantinos Tsatsos Archive located in the Gennadius Library collection, different dynamics are explored concerning different kinds of heritage, illuminating the function of the institutional heritage protection mechanisms throughout the 20th century and highlighting their social reception.