The Athenian Citizen: Democracy in the Athenian Agora (Modern Greek Edition)

by Mabel Lang, revised by John McK. Camp II, translated by Irini Marathaki

Agora Picture Book 4
32 pp, 40 col figs
5.5" x 8.5"
Paper, ISBN: 978-960-7067-04-3
Publication Date: Jul 2009
Status: Active

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The artifacts and monuments of the Athenian Agora provide our best evidence for the workings of ancient democracy. As a concise introduction to these physical traces, this book has been a bestseller since it was first published almost 60 years ago. Illustrated entirely in color, with updates and revisions by the current director of excavations at the Agora, this edition of an acknowledged classic will inform and fascinate visitors and students for many years to come. Text in Modern Greek.