Explorations in the Island of Mochlos

by Richard B. Seager

111 pp, 54 figs, 11 col pls
8" x 11"
Cloth, ISBN: 978-0-87661-956-8
Publication Date: Nov 1912
Status: Out of Print


Mochlos is an islet now separated from the north coast of Crete by a few meters of shallow sea, and occupied in the Minoan period by a small town and its cemetery. This is the definitive account of excavations conduced under the auspices of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens in 1908, and focuses on 24 tombs including chamber tombs, cist graves lined with slabs, burials in holes, pithos burials, and an internment in a rock cave. Most of the graves date to MM III and LM I. The remains from the town are not published in this volume. Finds included a large amount of Minoan jewelry.