The ancient site of Corinth dominates the land corridor between central Greece and the Peloponnese and was occupied continuously from at least the 10th century B.C. Corinthians profited from their geographical position to take a leading part in Greek trade and colonization in the West, and the site later became the capital of Roman Greece. Excavations by the American School began in 1896 and still continue. The first volume publishing the results of these investigations appeared in 1929, and further parts appear irregularly as scholars finish their assigned topics.

I.1: Introduction, Topography, Architecture, by Harold North Fowler and Richard Stillwell, with contributions by Carl William Blegen, Benjamin Powell, and Charles Alexander Robinson (1932)

I.2: Architecture, by Richard Stillwell, Robert L. Scranton, and Sarah Elizabeth Freeman, with contributions by H. Ess Askew (1941)

I.3: Monuments in the Lower Agora and North of the Archaic Temple, by Robert L. Scranton (1951)

I.4: The South Stoa and Its Roman Successors, by Oscar Broneer (1954)

I.5: The Southeast Building, the Twin Basilicas, the Mosaic House, by Saul S. Weinberg (1960)

I.6: The Springs: Peirene, Sacred Spring, Glauke, by Bert Hodge Hill (1964)

II: The Theatre, by Richard Stillwell (1952)

III.1: Acrocorinth: Excavations in 1926, by Carl W. Blegen, Richard Stillwell, Oscar Broneer, and Alfred Raymond Bellinger (1930)

III.2: The Defenses of Acrocorinth and the Lower Town, by Rhys Carpenter and Antoine Bon (1936)

IV.1: Decorated Architectural Terracottas, by Ida Thallon-Hill and Lida Shaw King (1929)

IV.2: Terracotta Lamps, by Oscar Broneer (1930)

V: The Roman Villa, by Theodore Leslie Shear (1930)

VI: Coins, 1896-1929, by Katharine M. Edwards (1933)

VII.1: The Geometric and Orientalizing Pottery, by Saul S. Weinberg (1943)

VII.2: Archaic Corinthian Pottery and the Anaploga Well, by D. A. Amyx and Patricia Lawrence (1975)

VII.3: Corinthian Hellenistic Pottery, by G. Roger Edwards (1975)

VII.4: The Red-Figure Pottery, by Sharon Herbert (1977)

VII.5: Corinthian Conventionalizing Pottery, by Martha K. Risser (2001)

VII.6: Late Classical Pottery from Ancient Corinth: Drain 1971-1 in the Forum Southwest, by Ian McPhee and Elizabeth G. Pemberton (2012)

VII.7: Hellenistic Pottery: The Fine Wares, by Sarah A. James (2018)

VIII.1: Greek Inscriptions, 1896-1927, edited by Benjamin Dean Meritt (1931)

VIII.2: Latin Inscriptions, 1896-1926, edited by Allen Brown West (1931)

VIII.3: The Inscriptions, 1926-1950, by John Harvey Kent (1966)

IX.1: Sculpture, 1896-1923, by Franklin P. Johnson (1931)

IX.2: Sculpture: The Reliefs from the Theater, by Mary C. Sturgeon (1977)

IX.3: Sculpture: The Assemblage from the Theater, by Mary C. Sturgeon (2004)

X: The Odeum, by Oscar Broneer (1932)

XI: The Byzantine Pottery, by Charles H. Morgan II (1942)

XII: The Minor Objects, by Gladys R. Davidson (1952)

XIII: The North Cemetery, by Carl W. Blegen, Hazel Palmer, and Rodney S. Young (1964)

XIV: The Asklepieion and Lerna, by Carl Roebuck (1951)

XV.1: The Potters' Quarter, by Agnes N. Stillwell (1948)

XV.2: The Potters' Quarter: The Terracottas, by Agnes N. Stillwell (1952)

XV.3: The Potters' Quarter: The Pottery, by Agnes Newhall Stillwell and J. L. Benson (1984)

XVI: Mediaeval Architecture in the Central Area of Corinth, by Robert L. Scranton (1957)

XVII: The Great Bath on the Lechaion Road, by Jane C. Biers (1985)

XVIII.1: The Sanctuary of Demeter and Kore: The Greek Pottery, by Elizabeth G. Pemberton (1989)

XVIII.2: The Sanctuary of Demeter and Kore: The Roman Pottery and Lamps, by Kathleen Warner Slane (1990)

XVIII.3: The Sanctuary of Demeter and Kore: Topography and Architecture, by Nancy Bookidis and Ronald S. Stroud (1997)

XVIII.4: The Sanctuary of Demeter and Kore: Terracotta Figurines of the Classical, Hellenistic, and Roman Periods, by Gloria S. Merker (2000)

XVIII.5: The Sanctuary of Demeter and Kore: The Terracotta Sculpture, by Nancy Bookidis (2010)

XVIII.6: The Sanctuary of Demeter and Kore: The Inscriptions, by Ronald S. Stroud (2013)

XVIII.7: The Sanctuary of Demeter and Kore: The Greek Lamps and Offering Trays, by Nancy Bookidis and Elizabeth G. Pemberton (2015)

XVIII.8: The Sanctuary of Demeter and Kore: Miscellaneous Finds of Terracotta, by Sonia Klinger (2021)

XIX.1: East of the Theater: Glassware and Glass Production, by Anastassios C. Antonaras (2022)

XX: Corinth, the Centenary: 1896-1996, edited by Charles K. Williams II and Nancy Bookidis (2003)

XXI: Tombs, Burials, and Commemoration in Corinth's Northern Cemetery, by Kathleen Warner Slane (2017)

XXII: The Julian Basilica: Architecture, Sculpture, Epigraphy, by Paul D. Scotton, Catherine de Grazia Vanderpool, and Carolynn Roncaglia (2022)

XXIII.1: The Gymnasium Area: Sculpture, by Mary C. Sturgeon (2022)