Corinth Excavations Foreman & Assistant Foreman

Foreman- Athanasios Notis
Thanasis Notis was born in Ancient Corinth and started working with the excavations in 1974 on Temple Hill with Dr H. Robinson. He has worked for the excavations continually since then, becoming foreman in 2003. Excavating runs in the Notis family: his late father, Fotis, was pickman and foreman and his brother, Takis, is a conservation technician with excellent skills as a pickman. Similarly, Thanasis became an expert pickman noted for his synthetic intellect and thorough understanding of the stratigraphy in Corinth. With these skills he has taught scores of ASCSA students and his fellow workmen. He has worked with Dr. C. K. Williams II in the Forum, East of Theater, and the Temple E Southeast excavations at Corinth, with Dr. E. Gebhard at Isthmia, and with Dr. G. D. R. Sanders in the Panayia Field at Corinth.



Assistant Foreman- Panagiotis Kakouros
Panos Kakouros (right) was born in Worcester, Massachusetts and returned with his family to live in Ancient Corinth when he was six. Before working at Corinth Excavations he worked with excavations at Agioi Theodoroi and with Corinth’s Byzantine Ephoreia on Acrocorinth. He began working with Corinth Excavations in 1997 and assumed the position of assistant foreman in 2002. He has become a skilled and thoughtful pickman, taking after his father, Georgos.