Visitor Accommodation

Accommodation in the village for visitors is available in three small hotels and in rented rooms. The village also boasts some eight modest restaurants/snack stands/cafes offering traditional Greek food, four coffee shops, three small supermarkets, a vegetable shop with a post office, a bakery, several tourist shops, and a pharmacy (tel: 2741-0-31655).  More information can be found on this Greek web page, Korinthorama.

Tassos Hotel (Tel. +30 2741-0-31225). The oldest hotel is located closest to the village center (100 meters) near a bus stop and has a certain idiosyncratic charm. When the hotel is full, the proprietor offers modern, air-conditioned, clean rooms in an annex of the family home about 10 minutes from the site and village center. A small apartment with three bedrooms, kitchen, and living room is available for families or small groups.

The Jo Marinis Hotel (Tel. +30 2741-0-31481) formerly the Shadow Hotel. A clean modern establishment with air-conditioning, superb service, and a good breakfast, about 10 minutes walk from the village center on the road to New Corinth.

Rooms Marinos (Tel.+30 2741-0-31209). Another clean, modern establishment located about 10 minutes walk from the village center on the road to Argos.  Only those staying at the hotel may enjoy the excellent and copious quantities of food offered by the restaurant.

Belitsis Rooms (Tel. +30 2741-0-31408). Mrs. Belitsis can accommodate individuals and families in her small, new, clean apartment.

A number of new rooms for rent can be found on major hotel and travel web sites.