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"In my opinion, the programme was well structured and adapted with admirable economy to its didactic aim, i.e. to familiarize the students with the ancient Agora as a place of institutional operation of democracy.  As a particularly positive element of the programme, I would mention its interactive and experiential character, especially in the section concerning the familiarization of the schoolchildren with the processes of jury selection and decision-making in the courts." Athina Korouli, PE02, PhD in Modern Greek Philology, University of Athens, 2023.

"Lovely tour, very informative, kind, smiling and patient guide. Nice activities, our school children left excited." Anastasia Xynogala, Educator, Primary School, 2024.

"We were greeted at the entrance and embarked on our tour, with a focus on exploring the Temple of Hephaestus, the Stoa of Attalos, and the museum. Delving into the ancient Greeks' relationship with dogs as companions, we unraveled stories, myths, and linguistic origins. The interactive nature of the tour engaged the children, fostering active participation and keen interest. As an educator, I gleaned valuable insights and inspiration for my teaching practice. I was captivated by the tour, losing track of time in the process." Christiana Lazopoulou, Educator, 2nd Junior High School Zefyriou, 2024.

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