Study Center

The study center, which is staffed throughout the year, comprises several buildings on the ASCSA grounds and research and study areas in the Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth.  Potential visitors should note, however, that the hostel and research facilities are closed during the excavation season (April - June), from August 15th to September 30th, and from December 15th to January 15th. Should the hostel have no vacancies, the village of Ancient Corinth offers a number of comfortable hotels and rooms for rent.

Those wishing to make use of the study center should familiarize themselves with our Research and Permissions info page.


With the generous donations of Ada Small Moore, the ASCSA built the museum in 1931 and its expansion in 1950.  The museum houses a conservation laboratory, a photographic studio, the excavation archives, numerous collections of artifacts from the excavations, and a communal workspace.  A wireless network is available with an internet connection.  There is one communal PC desktop computer, several laptops for short-term use, printers, and a scanner.



Hill House

The dig house, constructed in 1971, was named after Bert Hodge Hill, longtime director and teacher at Corinth Excavations. Hill House is the main building of the complex that houses a drafting room, a library, the drawing and photographic collections, and the excavation offices. There is a wireless network and an ADSL internet connection. Printing and photocopying are on hand for a nominal fee.

Richardson and Robinson Houses, named after Rufus B. Richardson, the first director of the Corinth Excavations, and Henry Robinson, the director who restored yearly excavations to Corinth in 1959, are comfortable modern buildings. Shear House, built by T. L. Shear Sr. in 1925, is a quaint, rustic house situated among the monuments of the archaeological site. 


Students and scholars studying material from the Corinth excavations are welcome to stay at Hill House. Member rates are 39 euros per day for room and board. Potential visitors should reserve well in advance by contacting the Assistant to the Associate Director.  

Meals are served communally in Hill House, Monday through Friday.

Breakfast 7:30 to 8:30 AM (7:00 to 7:30 AM during excavation season)
Lunch flexible from 12:30 to about 1:30 PM
Ouzo 7:00 PM
Dinner 7:30 to 8:10 PM (service is available only for three or more people).