Site Guides and Books

Results of excavations in the Athenian Agora are published in the journal Hesperia, in the Athenian Agora series of monographs, and in a collection of concise Agora Picture Books.

The Athenian Agora (ISSN 1558-8610)
The first Athenian Agora volumes presenting the results of excavations appeared in 1953 and, as scholars complete their research, further titles continue to be published. Each volume covers a particular chronological period, set of buildings, or class of material culture. The series includes studies of lamps, sculpture, coins, inscriptions, and pottery. Because most of these ancient finds can be dated stratigraphically, these typological catalogues are invaluable reference works for archaeologists around the Mediterranean.

Agora Picture Books
The primary purpose of the Agora Picture Book series is to enliven the experience of a visitor to the Athenian Agora, excavated by the American School since 1931. While drawing on the object and monuments that can be viewed on a visit to the site, these well-illustrated guides attempt to add some human color to the dry material remains. A number of the concise guides have become popular supplementary texts for undergraduate and graduate classes in classical civilization. Since 1998 the Picture Books have been published in color. As well as appearing in print, Adobe PDF versions of Agora site guides and picture books are available to download.