Amphoras and Amphora Stamps

The Agora contains an important research collection of transport amphoras, the plain clay jars used for storing wine, oil, and other foodstuffs in antiquity. These are important artifacts for understanding the ancient economy, especially because there are often stamps impressed on amphora handles that reveal the place of origin of the materials they contained. The development of the collection and its recording was conducted under the inspiration of Virginia Grace, a member of the original Agora staff of 1931 who continued to work at the site until her death in 1994.

The papers of Virginia Grace (including her amphora cards) are housed in the Archives of the Blegen Library of the American School of Classical Studies. The catalogue of the archive is available online.

For information and appointments please contact:

Dr. Natalia Vogeikoff-Brogan
Doreen Canaday Spitzer Archivist
American School of Classical Studies at Athens
54 Souidias
Athens 10676

For general questions on this collection contact:

Mark Lawall
Professor, Classics Department
University of Manitoba
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Requests to study or publish material should be made to the director of the excavations.