Photographic Collection

Photographic Collection

The Photographic archive contains nearly 125,000 excavation, site, and object photos in various formats, including glass negatives in various sizes (up to 8”x10”), cellulose acetate film in various sizes (35mm, 6x6, 4x5), color slides, and color transparencies.  From 2006 to 2008, all negatives were scanned as part of a project sponsored by the European Union and the Operational Program “Information Society” of the 3rd Community Support Framework.  Since the 1960s, when Ino Ioannidou and Lenio Bartzioti (many of the photos on these pages are theirs) were hired as the Excavations’ photographers, all cataloged objects are photographed.  After Ino and Lenio retired in 2009, Petros Dellatolas has become the current photographer of the excavations.  Transference of old records from cellulose nitrate to cellulose acetate film was made possible by a Samuel H. Kress Fund grant obtained by Dr. Nancy Bookidis.

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