Blegen Library Guidelines

The Blegen Library is a non-circulating library, which means that no books may leave the library premises. We welcome both ASCSA members and qualified visitors. ASCSA members have access to the facilities 24/7, while visitors are welcome during our regular opening hours.

  • Members and visitors all abide by the same general rules.




  • We ask that all library users please sign in upon entry and exit, and present all papers and bags to the receptionist for search when leaving the library.
  • Handbags, briefcases, and plastic bags should be left in the lockers provided for temporary storage at the reception area. Please use a locker only during the time you are in the building, and return the key when you leave.
  • Please switch off your mobile phones or keep them in silent mode, and remember that you should not use them for conversations anywhere in the library.
  • Laptops may be used throughout the library, but the library holds no responsibility for any loss or damage to equipment.
  • Please note that smoking, food, and drinks (excluding water) are strictly prohibited throughout the library. Additionally, we kindly ask that you refrain from bringing glass bottles onto library premises.
  • Vandalism and removal of library books will result in loss of library privileges.
  • Vandalism and removal of library books will result in loss of library privileges. In particular:  
    • Underlining, writing notes in books in pen, pencil or highlighter, using adhesive post-it notes to mark pages, leaving an open book stacked upon another is absolutely forbidden.
    • Books checked out to carrels and tables should be supported by bookends to protect the bindings and the text. Keeping books upright between bookends makes it also easier to locate them.          
  • Behavior which interferes with others' ability to use the Blegen Library or with the staff's ability to perform their duties may result in the revocation or suspension of library privileges.
  • Please avoid talking in the library and keep windows and curtains closed for the book's protection.


  • No book should ever be removed from a shelf unless it is checked out through the RFID kiosks located on every floor of the library. RFID instructions are located next to the kiosks and on the library's "Circulation system" webpage. Library users are asked to return their books to the designated shelving carts. Failure to check out or return books properly may result in forfeiture of library privileges.
  • Books checked out to members’ accounts must remain in their designated spaces. Users who wish to consult those materials should complete the "Check-out form for books on loan" (available at the public terminals) following the instructions or contact the library staff for assistance. Members may check out up to 20 books to their assigned space and renew them if they wish to, following the instructions provided by the library staff. They can easily monitor the number of books they have checked out through their account. Visitors may also check out up to 20 books at a time. They are requested to return them by the end of the day and use only tables marked with a pink sign for visitors. There are visitors’ tables on every floor of the library.
  • Scanning is free to all library users. A personal USB drive is needed to save the scans. Visitors should complete their scanning 15 minutes before closing time. Photocopying services are not available in the library.

Computer Room and Internet Access for Visitors in the Blegen Library:

Use of the Computer Room is reserved for members. Visitors cannot access it, even if accompanied by a member. They may use their own laptops in the Library to connect to the Internet through the Blegen library's network.

Please read below the Visitors Internet Policy


  • Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to define standards for systems that monitor and limit web use from any host within the Blegen Library Visitors network. These standards are designed to ensure Library visitors use the Internet in a safe and responsible manner.
  • Scope: This policy applies to all Blegen Library Visitors with either a personally-owned computer or public workstation connected to the  Blegen Library Visitors network. This policy applies to all end user initiated communications between Blegen Library Visitors network and the Internet, including web browsing, instant messaging, file transfer, file sharing, and other standard and proprietary protocols.
  • Policy
  • Web Site Monitoring: The Information Technology Department shall monitor Internet use from all computers and devices connected to the Blegen Library Visitors network. For all traffic the monitoring system must record the source IP Address, the date, the time, the protocol, and the destination site or server.
  • Internet Use Filtering System: The Information Technology Department shall block access to Internet websites and protocols that are deemed inappropriate for Blegen Library environment. The following protocols and categories of websites should be blocked: advertising, aggressive, alcohol, anonvpn, automobile/bikes, automobile/boats, automobile/cars, automobile/planes, chat, costtraps, abbonement, dating, downloads, drugs, dynamic, finance/banking, finance/insurance, finance/moneylending, finance/realestate, finance/trading, finance/other, fortunetelling, forum, gamble, hacking, hobby/cooking, hobby/games-misc, hobby/games-online, hobby/gardening, hobby/pets, homestyle, imagehosting, isp, military, models,movies ,music ,news ,podcasts ,politics ,porn, radiotv, recreation/humor, recreation/martialarts, recreation/restaurants, recreation/sports, recreation/travel, recreation/wellness, redirector, remotecontrol, ringtone, science/astronomy, science/chemistry, sex/education, sex/lingerie, shopping, socialnet, spyware, tracker, updatesites, urlshortener, violence, warez, weapons,webphone, webradio, webtv. The Information Technology Department shall periodically review and recommend changes to web and protocol filtering rules. Changes to web and protocol filtering rules will be recorded in the Internet Use Monitoring and Filtering Policy.
  • Internet Use Filtering Exceptions: If a site is mis-categorized, visitors may request the site be un-blocked by submitting a ticket to the Information Technology help desk at An IT employee will review the request and un-block the site if it is mis-categorized.
  • Enforcement: The IT Department will periodically review Internet use monitoring and filtering systems and processes to ensure they are in compliance with this policy.

Your cooperation in abiding by these rules is essential to the smooth operation of the Blegen Library.

Please do not hesitate to ask the library staff for assistance of any kind.

From the Library Office,

September 2022