Research Archive

Human Skeletal Studies

Ioanna Anastopoulou (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)
2022. "Sorting commingled human remains from the Early Mycenaean cemetery of Ayios Vasileios (Laconia) and the Mycenaean cemetery of Glyka Nera (Attica) with the use of virtual and osteometric methods."


Ethne Barnes (Wichita State University)
1994-1997. “Analysis of developmental defects and paleopathology of human skeletal material from Petras, Crete” and “the Frankish remains from Ancient Corinth.”


Chryssi Bourbou (University of the Aegean)
2001-2003. “Biological approach to the populations of Early Byzantine times (6th–7th centuries AD) at Eleutherna and Messene, Greece.” J. Lawrence Angel Fellowship


Anna Maria Boza (University of Pittsburgh)
1997-1998. “Social and political organization of a Middle Bronze Age population, a bioarchaeological approach to the Lerna community.” J. Lawrence Angel Fellowship


Maria-Eleni Chovalopoulou (University of Athens)
2015-2016. “Application of the 3DGM method on Greek populations from different era.”


Sireen El Zaatari (Max Planck Institute of Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig)
2009-2010. “The prehistoric Mediterranean diet: Evidence from the microwear texture analysis of pre-Neolithic Greece.” J. Lawrence Angel Fellowship


Sherry C. Fox (Wiener Laboratory)
1993-1994. “Analysis of human skeletal remains from Hellenistic and Roman burials at Ancient Corinth, Lerna and Argos” and “A pilot study on ancient DNA.” J. Lawrence Angel Fellowship


Sandra J. Garvie-Lok (University of Alberta)
1996-1997. “Examination of the Byzantine and post-Byzantine human skeletal remains from the Church of Agios Nicholaos at the Athenian Agora, Crete, Servia and Agia Triada, Thebes for purpose of dietary reconstruction.” J. Lawrence Angel Fellowship


Emily Graff (University of Waterloo)
2010. "Mycenaean occupancy of Ancient Kallithea: Understanding a population’s health, culture, and lifestyle through bioarchaeological analysis.”


Nathan K. Harper (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)
2007-2008. “A comparative population genetics analysis of postmarital residence in mainland Greece and Cyprus during the Late Bronze Age.” J. Lawrence Angel Fellowship


Aliya Hoff (Arizona State University)
2018-2019. “Life, death and prosecution in antiquity: the people of the Phaleron Cemetery (Athens).”


Carina Iezzi (Adelphi University)
2000-2002. “A bioarchaeological analysis of human populations from Late Bronze Age Central Greece.” J. Lawrence Angel Fellowship


Anne Ingvarsson-Sundstrom (Societas Archaeological Upsaliensis)
2005-2006. “A re-evaluation of human remains from Middle Helladic Asine.”


Olivia A. Jones (University of Groningen)
2013-2014. “Mycenaean Burial Traditions: An Anthropological and Bioarchaeological Approach.”


Susan Kirkpatrick Smith (Kennesaw State University)
1992-1993. “Analysis of Bronze Age human skeletal remains from the Athenian Agora and Olympia to assess evidence for social stratification in pathological markers.” J. Lawrence Angel Fellowship


Anna Lagia (University of Chicago)
1996-1997. “A bioarchaeological survey of social structure in the polis of Athens during the Classical, Hellenistic and Roman times.” J. Lawrence Angel Fellowship


Maria Liston (University of Waterloo)
2004-2005. “Human skeletons from Liatovouni, the Molossian Cemetery.” Malcolm H. Wiener Visiting Research Professor
2002-2006. “Analysis of human skeletal remains from the Athenian Agora and the Battle of Chaironea.”


Lisa M. Little (Indiana University)
1993-1995. “A biological distance study of Mycenaean populations on the Greek mainland.” J. Lawrence Angel Fellowship


Sotiris K. Manolis (University of Athens)
2003-2004. “Foundation of an atlas/catalog of skeletal biology and especially pathology based on the Wiener Laboratory Collection of the University of Athens.”


Ioanna Moutafi (University of Sheffield)
2020-2023. "The Death Path to Social Complexity (D-PATH): Funerary treatment and sociopolitical developments in Bronze Age Aegean."
2011-2012. “Bioarchaeological Analysis of the LH Cemetery of Voudeni, Achaea: Towards a Holistic Understanding of Burial Practices and their Relationship to Social Structure.” Ione Mylonas Shear Fellow
2010-2011. “Bioarchaeological analysis of the human remains from the Mycenaean cemetery of Voudeni, Achaea: Towards a holistic understanding of Mycenaean burial practices and their relationship to social structure.” J. Lawrence Angel Fellowship


Argyro Nafplioti (University of Southampton)
2009. “Geographic origin(s) of the people of the Mesolithic site of Maroulas of Kythnos: Evidence from strontium (87Sr/86SRr) and oxygen (18O/16O) isotope ratio analyses.”
2007-2008. “Population movement, biological and cultural interactions in the Early Bronze Age Aegean: The cases of Manika, Ayios Kosmas, Zygouries and Perachora in the mainland.” J. Lawrence Angel Fellowship


Efthymia Nikita (University of Cambridge)
2013-2014. “How international was the Aegean spirit? Cultural identity and bio-distance in Early Bronze Age Aegean: Correlations and implications for the patterns of cultural diffusion.” J. Lawrence Angel Fellowship


Markku Niskanen (University of Oulu)
1995–1996. “A craniological comparison of data collected from pre-Roman, Roman and post-Roman Corinthian populations.” J. Lawrence Angel Fellowship


Niki Papakonstantinou (University of Sheffield)
2010. “Analysis of human remains from two Mycenaean tholos tombs in Messenia, Southern Peloponnese, Greece.”


Anastasia Papathanasiou (Ephorate of Palaeoanthropology and Speleology)
2008. “Bioarchaeological analysis of health and diet of early Neolithic settlements in Northern Greece.”
1998–2002. “Paleodemographic, paleopathological and dietary history of the Late Neolithic skeletal series from Alepotrypa Cave near Diros, and Franchthi Cave, Greece.” J. Lawrence Angel Fellowship


Eleni-Anna Prevedorou (Arizona State University)
2017-2018. “Bioarchaeological study of the Phaleron cemetery.”
2012-2013. “A Bioarchaeological Approach to Organization and Ideology in the EBA: Descent Systems, Post-Marital Residence Patterns, and Cemetery Structure at Tsepi, Attica.” Ione Mylonas Shear Fellow
2011-2012. “A Bioarchaeological Approach to Organization and Ideology in the EBA: Descent Systems, Post-Marital Residence Patterns, and Cemetery Structure at Tsepi, Attica.” J. Lawrence Angel Fellowship
2008. “Bioarchaeological analysis of the human remains from Andritsa Cave.”


Jessica Rothwell (Arizona State University)
2021. "Childhood Health and Social Identity during the Rise of the Athenian Democracy."


Helena Soomer (University of Helsinki)
2000–2001. “Dental age estimation in Greeks.”


Robert Stark (University of Alberta)
2008. “Radiographic analysis of the children from the Stymphalos for the identification of scurvy.”


Kaitlyn Stiles (University of Tennessee)
2016-2017. “Biosocial Identities in Late Bronze Age Greece.”


Eleni Stravopodi (University of Athens)
2002-2004. “Porotic hyperostosis, the disease of early agricultural societies in Greece.” J. Lawrence Angel Fellowship
2007-2008. “Health of children in Early Bronze Age Greece: Testing a new laboratory technique in the investigation of ancient disease at the microscopic level.”


Ferenc Toth (University of Alberta)
2006. “7th century AD osteotheke from the Athenean Agora.” Travel Grant Recipient


Sevasti Triantaphyllou (University of Sheffield)
1995-1996. “Burial variability and social differentiation in the prehistoric Greek mainland: A comparative analysis between Northern and Southern Greece.” J. Lawrence Angel Fellowship


Paraskevi (Voula) Tritsaroli (Natural History Museum of Paris)
2005-2006. “Burial custom variations in northern and central Greece through Byzantine times. Analysis of Biological components and Spatial Distribution of the Osteological and Archaeological Data.” J. Lawrence Angel Fellowship


Theofania Tsempera (University of Groningen)
2021-2023. "Unraveling the Spartan Ethos: a diachronic bioarchaeological analysis of ancient Spartan society."


Velissaria Vanna (University College, London)
2013-2014. “Malignant Tumors in a Modern (19th - 20th century) Human Skeletal Population of known sex, age, and cause of death from Athens, Greece.”


George Zouganelis (University of Portsmouth)
2001–2003. “Molecular sex analysis for skeletal remains found in Greek burial sites.”

Faunal Studies

Rosalia Christidou (Paris X, Nanterre)
2010. “The Upper Paleolithic bone artifacts from Klissoura Cave I, Peloponnese, Greece.”
2008-2009. “The Neolithic and Early Bronze Age bone tools from Kryoneri, Lower Struma valley.”
2002-2005. “The production, use and distribution of Neolithic bone tools in eastern Macedonia. Experimental microware analysis of bone artifacts from Angelohori.”


Meagan Dennison (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)
2019. “Zooarchaeological Analysis of Faunal Remains from the Mitrou Archaeological Project.”


Flint Dibble (University of Cincinnati)
2017-2020. “Eating Animals in Context: Zooarchaeology at Azoria.”
2013-2014. “From Village Lifestyle to Urban Lifestyle: Variability in Human-Animal Interaction in Ancient Greece (ca. 1200-400 BCE).” AIA Olivia James Fellow


Armelle Gardesien (CNRS, Montpelier)
1997-1998. “Process and evolution of animal exploitation in Argos; and archaeozoological and taphonomical analysis of Kalamakia Cave (Mani).”


Yannis Hamilakis (University of Southampton)
1993-1994. “Analysis of the Pleistocene fauna from Zoniana Cave, Crete; Mesolithic and Neolithic faunal remains from the Cave of Theopetra, Thessaly, and the zooarchaeological collection from the Neolithic-Late Byzantine site of Panakton.” 


Valasia Isaakidou (University College, London)
2001-2002. “Social, economic and cultural roles of animals in Bronze Age Knossos.”


Walter Klippel (University of Tennessee)
1992-1993. “Analysis of LMIII/Geometric faunal remains from Vronda and Kastro at Kavousi, and from Halasmenos on Crete.”


Justin Lev-Tov (University of Alabama)
1994-1995. “A study of subsistence strategies as reflected in the medieval zooarchaeological remains at Ancient Corinth.”


Michael MacKinnon (University of Winnipeg)
2010-2011. “The Role of Animals in the Ancient Greek World: Integration of Zooarchaeological and Ancient Textual Evidence”. Malcolm H. Wiener Visiting Research Professor
2006. “Faunal variation at Ancient Nemea: Comparing sacrificial and secular assemblages.”
2003. “Analysis of faunal remains from ritual contexts at Ancient Nemea.”


Jacqueline Meier (University of Connecticut)
2012-2013. “Examination of a Unique Faunal Assemblage from the Petsas House, Mycenae.” WL Travel Grant


Michele Miller (Boston University)
1995-1996. “Replication of the manufacture of disc beads made of the shell of the mollusc Cerastaderma edule.”


Alexander Mulhall (University College, London)
2012-2013. “Connectivity and Economy in Bronze to Iron Age Greece: A Zooarchaeological Perspective from the Trading Node of Lefkandi.”


Katerina Papayianni (University of Athens)
2014-2015. “The house mouse (Mus musculus) used as bio-proxy for the documentation of human migration routes.”
2007-2008. “The microvertebrates of Theopetra Cave: A paleoclimatic reconstruction.”


Gypsy Claire Price (University of Florida)
2013-2014. “Isotopic Contributions to Mycenaean Faunal Economy during the Late Bronze Age.” WL Travel Grant


Nellie Phoca-Cosmetatou (University of Oxford)
2001-2002. “Human responses to high risk environments: Late Neolithic human occupation of the Greek islands (Ftelia, Mikonos).”


Eleni Psathi (Ephorate of Palaeoanthropology and Speleology of Southern Greece)
2008. “Zooarchaeology of the faunal material from the Kalamakia Cave: study of the identifiable macrovertebrate bone remains.”


Mauro Rizzetto (University of Sheffield/ University of Milan)
2021. "Non-human fellows: the role of animals at Middle Neolithic Koutroulou Magoula, Central Greece."


Deborah Ruscillo (University of Washington, St. Louis)
2009. “From Apollonia to Herakleion: Understanding marine resource exploitation at two sites.”
1996-2001. “Sexual dimorphism in mammalian skeletons for applicability in archaeology.”


Lynn Snyder (Smithsonian Institution)
2008-2009. “Analysis of faunal material from a well in the Athenian Agora.” and “Analysis of burned faunal materials from small ritual deposits “pyres” of the 5th-3rd centuries BCE in the Athenian Agora.”
1993-1994. “Examination of faunal materials from Corinth; Athenian Agora; Kavousi, Halasmenos and Azoria, Crete.”


Elizabeth Stathopoulou (University of Athens)
2013-2014. “Fire in the Lake? Differentiating between burned and stained bones within a lake environment.”


Britt Starkovich (University of Arizona)
2007. “Dietary change during the Upper Paleolithic at Klissoura Cave, Peloponnese, Greece.”


Anastasia (Tatiana) Theodoropoulou (Université de Paris I- Panthéon Sorbonne)
2011-2014. “From fishermen to citizens: Zooarchaeology and the sea in the rising Greek world.”
2009-2010. “Fishing by the lake: Fish and fishing activities at the lakeside settlement of Dispilio, Lake Kastoria, Greece.”


Ekaterini Trantalidou (Ephorate of Palaeoanthropology and Speleology, Greece)
2000-2001. “Analysis of animal bones from several Late Bronze Age sites.”


Rena Veropoulidou (Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports)
2018-2021. “Food and Society in ancient Methoni, northern Greece: an archaeomalacological approach.”


Efrossini Vika (University of Bradford)
2009. “Investigating fish consumption in Greek antiquity using δ13 and δ15Ν analysis from fish bone collagen.”


Thanos Webb (UCLA)
2003-2004. “The social implications of animal use in Neolithic Greece, the faunal remains from Limenaria, Thasos and Alepotrypa, Diros.”

Archaeobotanical Studies

Harriet Blitzer (Buffalo State College)
1995-1997. “Study of the environmental and cultural contexts of olive cultivation and the relationship of olive cultivation to other aspects of Aegean agriculture.”


Stamatis Chatzitoulousis (University of Thessaloniki)
2004-2005. “Wood in prehistory from Dispilio, Kastoria.”


Richard P. Evershed (University of Bristol)
1994-1995. “Analysis of absorbed organic residues from Hellenistic and later beehives and Late Minoan ceramic lamps from Mochlos, Crete.”


Julie Hansen (Boston University)
1993. “Excavation and analysis of the botanical remains from the Demeter Sanctuary at Ancient Corinth.”


Daphne Lentjes (Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam)
2013-2014. “Charcoal Analysis from Three Greek Archaeological Sites: Geraki, Plakari, and Titane.”


Evi Margaritis (University of Cambridge)
2012-2013. “Agriculture, Farming, and the Use of Space at Ancient Corinth: Insight towards the Economic History of the Site.”
2006-2007. “The domestication of the vine in the Aegean: Proposed Formulas for the Distinction of the Wild and Domesticated Grape Vine (Vinus vinifera L.), based on the Archaeobotanical Remains.”
2004-2005. “Agricultural history and archaeology in Northern Greece from prehistory to the Hellenistic period; the domestication of the vine in the Aegean.”


Calla McNamee (University of Calgary)
2014-2017. “Starches and Grains: Reconstructing subsistence in Mainland Greece through the Bronze Age.”


Fragkiska Megaloudi (University of Western Australia)
2005-2006. “Agriculture and cultural influences in Thasos during the Final Neolithic and Early Bronze Age: A view from the archaeobotanical remains.”


Maria Ntinou (University of Ioannina)
2015-2016. “Firewood procurement and the natural vegetation in the Argolid from the Middle Palaeolithic to the Mesolithic. Wood charcoal analyses at Klissoura, Kefalari and Franchthi Caves.”
2005-2006. “Wood charcoal analysis at Mochlos and Azorias: a tool for the reconnaissance of the plant use in eastern Crete during the Bronze Age and the Archaic Period.”
2001-2002. “Vegetation and woodland management by human groups during the Neolithic and the Bronze Age in Central Macedonia, Greece. The evidence from charcoal analysis at the sites of Paliambela and Arhontiko.”
2000-2001. “Charcoal analysis at Theopetra Cave."


Dushanka C. Ourem- Kotsou (University of Thessaloniki)
2002-2003. “Organic residues in pottery as evidence of the Late Neolithic settlement at Makrigialos, Northern Greece.”


China Shelton (Framingham State College)
2011-2012. "Food, ritual and society at Roman Kenchreai: A paleoethnobotanical project.”


Georgia Tsartsidou (Ephorate of Palaeoanthropology and Speleology of Southern Greece/ University of Thessaloniki)
2012-2013. “Alepotrypa Cave, Direos, Greece: Phytolith analysis from an important Neolithic site of the Southern Peloponnese, Greece.”
2010-2011. “Flora exploitation and subsistence practices by the Palaeolithic and Mesolithic occupants of Theopetra Cave in Thessaly, Greece: The evidence from phytolith analysis.”
2003-2004. “Analysis of the phytolith assemblages from Neolithic Makri.”

Loeta Tyree (University of Vermont)
1993-1994. “Analysis of surface residues on ceramic vessels to identify and distinguish phytoliths, especially those remaining from oil or wine contents from antiquity.”


Petra Vaiglova (Oxford University)
2015-2017. “Understanding Aegean Neolithic farming through multiple isotopes.”

Geoarchaeological Studies

Albert Ammerman (Colgate University)
2003-2004. “Environmental archaeology in Aegean Thrace.”


Richard K. Dunn (Norwich University)
1996-1997. “Mid–to–Late Holocene evolution of the alluvial plain at Marathon.”


Brian Damiata (UCLA/ University of California at Riverside)
2003-2004. “Studies of ancient and future shorelines around Greek islands.”


Daniel Fallu (Boston University)
2017-2018. “Geoarchaeology of Resilience at Ancient Lechaion.”
2013-2014. “Land Use, Hydraulic Engineering, and Land Management in a Prehistoric Greek Settlement: An Archaeological and Sedimentological Study of Land and Water Maintenance in Mainland Greece from the Neolithic to the Late Bronze Age.”


Myrsini Gkouma (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
2011-2012. "Paleolandscape reconstruction on the lakeside site of Dispilio: A geoarchaeological approach.”


Paul Goldberg (Boston University)
1994. “Site formation processes and soil micromorphology at the Demeter Sanctuary and the Frankish levels at ancient Corinth.”


Chris Hayward (University of Cambridge)
1993-1996. “Petrographic and chemical analysis of oolitic limestone used in ancient Greek and Roman construction at Corinth to establish criteria for differentiation between stone extracted from different quarries in antiquity.”


Justin Holcomb (Boston University)
2017-2019. “Towards a Chronostratigraphic Framework of the Aegean Paleolithic: A Geoarchaeological Approach.”


Norm Herz (University of Georgia)
1995-1996. “Sources of marble used in statuary and for construction in Ancient Delphi.”


George Kacandes (Geohellas S.A.)
1995- 1996. “A study of the clay resources of Attica, including clay deposits collected from the Attico metro excavations.”


Panagiotis Karkanas (Ephorate of Palaeoanthropology and Speleology)
2004-2005. “Micromorphological studies in three Late Neolithic settlements in Greece: defining differences in space use and structure of the sites.”
1998-1999. “Micromorphological Studies in Prehistoric Caves and Rockshelters of Greece.”
1996-1997. “Petrographic analysis of diagenic changes in the prehistoric deposits of the Theopetra Caves.”


Dimitris Kontogiorgos (University of Sheffield)
2005-2006. “Understanding the difference of domestic space-use on the micro- level. Geoarchaeological and microartifact analysis of refuse contexts. The evidence from the Neolithic tell site at Paliambela and the extended Neolithic site at Korinos, in the Pieria region, Northern Greece.”
2002-2003. “Geoarchaeological and microartifact analysis of refuse contexts. The evidence from the Neolithic tell site at Paliambela and the extended Neolithic site at Korinos in the Pieria region.”


Athanasia Krahtopoulou (University of Sheffield)
2001-2002. “Geoarchaeological investigation in coastal Pieria, Macedonia, Greece.”


Stella Kyrillidou (University of Reading)
2006-2007. “The geoarchaeology of the household in Neolithic Greece.”


Marta Lorenzon (University of Edinburgh)
2015-2016. “Geoarchaeological analysis of Monastiraki mudbrick architecture.”


Laura Magno (Universitè Catholique de Louvain)
2018-2020. “Sediments, Space and Society at Sissi: using cultural sediments to study behavior, activities and architectures at a complex Minoan settlement.”


Floyd McCoy (University of Hawaii)
2007-2008. “The Late Bronze Age eruption of Thera.” Malcolm H. Wiener Visiting Research Professor
1999-2000. “Continuing research on reconstructing the LBA geography prior to the eruption of Santorini; the preservation and destruction of the LBA city at Akrotiri and the regional effects of the eruption.”


Karyn Necciai (Boston University)
2012-2013. “Mochlos and Gournia: Using Micromorphology in Search of Minoan Fire.”


Tatiana Novikova (University of St. Petersburg)
2004-2005. “Modelling of the Minoan tsunami: An evaluation of its possible effects on Bronze Age coastal settlements in the Aegean Sea.”


Scott Pike (Williamette University)
1993-1997. “Archaeological geology and geochemistry of the ancient marble quarries of Mount Pentelikon, Attica, Greece.”


Dimitrios Roussos (University of Athens)
2018-2019. “Introducing an integrated geoarchaeological methodology for the investigation of Neolithic fire structures. The case of the Middle Neolithic tell site of Imvrou Pigadi, Greece.”


Steve Soter (Smithsonian Institution)
1998. “Analysis of ancient occupation horizons and environments in borehole cores from the Helike delta.”

Materials Science Studies

Mark Abbe (New York University)
2010. “Polychromy on Roman marble sculpture at Corinth.”


Niels Andreasen (University of Cambridge)
2008-2009. “The influence of availability and accessibility on direct-access exploitation of siliceous rock in Late Neolithic and Bronze Age Greece: a petro-archaeological study.”
2005-2006. “Lithic strategies during the Neolithic and Bronze Age in South Pieria, Greece.”


Hariclia Brecoulaki (University of Paris I “Pantheon- Sorbonne’’)
2005-2006. “A Scientific investigation of the Mycenean wall-paintings from the Palace of Nestor at Pylos.” Malcolm H. Wiener Visiting Research Professor
1998-2000. “Pigments and plasters of wall paintings from Macedonian graves (ca. 4th century BC).”


Ann Brysbaert (University of Leicester)
2001-2002. A preliminary study of the nature and composition of Bronze Age (decorated) Aegean plaster.”


Paraskevi (Vicky) Elefanti (Royal Holloway, University of London)
2013-2014. “The Theopetra Cave Middle Paleolithic Chipped Stone Project.”
2009-2010. “The Lakonis Cave lithic collection and its contribution to the debate concerning the Middle to Upper Palaeolithic transition in southeastern Europe.” Malcolm H. Wiener Visiting Research Professor
2004-2005. “Raw material procurement as an indicator of hunter-gatherer mobility strategies in Epirus during the Upper Paleolithic.”


Elissavet Hitsiou (University of Sheffield)
2006-2007. “Production technology, provenance and trade of Greek transport amphorae of the Classical period from Northern Greece, an archaeological and petrographic study.” Malcolm H. Wiener Visiting Research Professor
2005-2006. “Production and circulation trade of Greek transport amphorae from the newly excavated Classical and Hellenistic sites in Pieria, Macedonia, Northern Greece.”


Michalis Katapotis (Demokritos National Center for Scientific Research)
2009. “Bronze Age Metallurgy in the Northeastern Aegean: A Case Study of Mikro Vouni on Samothrace.”


Pagona V. Maravelaki (FORTH, Crete)
1996-1997. “Petrographic study of the transversal thin sections of black encrustations to study the effects produced by laser radiation as a means for cleaning marble stones.”


Gilbert Marshall (Royal Holloway, University of London)
2011-2012. “Mesolithic Seafaring in the Aegean: New Evidence from Crete and is Implications for the Scale of Social Networks.”
2011. “Kephalari Cave chipped stone project.”


Melissa G. Moore (Boston University)
1995-1996. “Preliminary petrographic analysis of Epirote coarsewares.”


Vanessa Muros (UCLA)
2015-2016. “The technology and trade of LBA glass from Kefalonia.”


James M.L. Newhard (College of Charleston)
1999-2000. “Chipped stone tools of the Bronze Age Argolid.”


Artemios Oikonomou (University of Ioannina)
2007-2008. “Early glass production in Rhodes, Greece 8th-6th c. BC: The contribution of archaeometric research.”


Effie Photos – Jones (Scottish Analytical Services for Art and Archaeology)
1996. “Metallographic investigation of the Kavousi iron artifacs.”


Ruth Siddall (University College, London)
2000. “The Geoarchaeology of Hydraulic Mortars at Kechreai, Eastern Port of Corinth.”
1994-1997. “A study of the compositions and technology of varieties of building materials used at Ancient Corinth.”


Christine Shriner (Indiana University)
1994-1997. “A material and technological study of Late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age ceramic products from the site of Lerna in the Argolid.”


Katerina Skourtopoulou (University of Cambridge)
1996-1997. “A study of raw material sourcing and the technological analysis of chipped stone production in the Neolithic of Northern Greece.”


Michael O. Sugerman (Harvard University)
1995-1996. “Production and distribution of Canaanite storage jars in the Late Bronze Age East Mediterranean.”


Peter Tomkins (University of Sheffield)
2016-2017. “Firing the Bronze Age: The Production, Circulation, and Consumption of Final Neolithic I-IV and Early Minoan IA Pottery from Knossos.”


Cristina Tsoraki (University of Sheffield)
2008-2009. “Investigating raw material selection and use for the production of ground-stone tools in Macedonia, Greece.”


Sarah J. Vaughan (University of California at Santa Barbara)
1992-1996. “Studies of the materials and technology of the domestic ceramic assemblages from the Bronze Age sites in Greece.”