Library Services

Special Library Services

The Gennadius Library remains closed until further notice. In an attempt to facilitate your research, the Library staff can scan a limited number of materials on demand. The limit is 50 pages per week, and the material will be delivered within a week.

As always, you can search our online catalogue AMBROSIA. We remind you of the e-journal titles and online databases that are available to our readers. Do not hesitate to contact us for the links restricted to the ASCSA Domain. For any of these Library services please contact the Librarian, Irini Solomonidi.

Workstations: Public terminals are installed against the West wall of the Main Reading Room, in the Digital resources Area, and in each of the Open Stacks Reading Rooms. Readers may use flashdrives on these machines. Research workstations are provided for library-related research and educational purposes only. No e-mail browsing is allowed. The use of library research workstations is subject to applicable laws, copyright restrictions, and license agreements.

Available online resources: Readers have access to the Library’s public websites, including the online catalog, and networked online resources covering numerous subject areas from the library research workstations and from their laptops. Access to some resources may be limited to one or more locations; some resources may require additional authorization. Generally, these restrictions on access reflect licensing requirements to which the Library is bound.


Reproduction of Library Material

The priority of the Library is the preservation and safety of its collections. So, while we strive to provide the best possible service to our users, we reserve the right to refuse the reproduction of materials which may be endangered by the processes used.

The Library requires the deposit of a digital copy of all professional reproductions via DVD, USB or other electronic means (dropbox, wetransfer etc.).

1. Photography – scanning for personal, scholarly use

The Library does not provide professional photography services. Readers can hire their own photographer to work in the Digital Resources Area after consultation with the Desk Attendant regarding the appropriate day and time. 

Readers may take photographs of or scan collection materials for their personal use, using their personal camera or overhead scanners (located in the Main Reading Room and in the Digital Resources Area), provided that the condition of the material allows it. Library staff reserves the right to restrict or prohibit photography when it may physically damage materials; disrupt other readers; violate donor restrictions and purchasing agreements; or if items have been previously digitized.

NB: According to the law, whole books may not be reproduced. 

2. Photocopying

No self-service photocopying is available. Upon request, photocopies can made by the Reading Room staff for a price of € 0,20 per page only if the condition of the book or printed material allows it. Manuscripts, rare books as well as books published earlier than the beginning of the 20th century cannot be photocopied. Photocopies are normally single-page; copying two facing pages on one sheet can be made only if the binding of the book allows it.

Photocopies need to be prepaid at the time of the request.

3. Image Permissions

To request permission to publish material held by the Gennadius Library, please consult the appropriate section here. A non-exclusive license to reproduce form should be submitted to (minimum processing time: 5 working days).

Normally there is no charge for the use of photographic material in scholarly publications. In the case of commercial publications, there is a fee, which is used to defray the expense of repairs and other conservation needs of the collection. The publication fee per image is € 40 for Greece and € 200 for other countries. Fees are granted for one edition only and in no case whatsoever, do they ensure the exclusive right to use the photograph.

Every published photograph should be accompanied by:

a) the full bibliographic information of the source as mentioned in the application form,

b) the full name of the photographer, and

c) the indication:

American School of Classical Studies at Athens, Gennadius Library

In the rare cases that the Gennadius Library is the copyright holder, a special arrangement must be made with the relevant department of the Library (