Conferences are planned in conjunction with exhibitions or grow out of academic synergies and professional opportunities. They vary in scope and scale ranging from small symposia around a very specific theme, such as the celebration of the bicentennial of the School of Milies on Mount Pelion (2014), to much larger professional gatherings like the conference organized on the occasion that Greek libraries joined the Consortium of European Research Libraries filled Cotsen Hall with more than 200 library professionals who wanted to hear about new library projects throughout Europe (2006).

On the other side of the spectrum was the ambitious three-day conference on Greece and Latin America organized in 2017 by the Director of the Library and Professor Gregory Jusdanis of Ohio State University. This conference, entitled ‘One Hundred Years of Dialogue: Latin American Approaches to Hellenism’ brought to Athens 22 speakers from around the world for a truly innovative topic that drew more than 200-250 people into Cotsen Hall.

The symposium “The Topography of Ottoman Athens. Archaeology and Travel” planned around the exhibition of the same title in 2015 broached a rich topic and resulted in an edited volume, while the January 2020 symposium on the ‘Legacy of Francesco Morosini in Crete, Athens and the Morea,’ will probably result in a smaller publication of primary sources that were newly presented in this conference.

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