Scrapbooks of John Gennadius

The scrapbooks of Joannes Gennadius are one of the most important collections of the Gennadius library, because they contain invaluable information for the history of modern Greece. In his scrapbooks, Gennadius collected photos and other ephemera (clippings from newspapers and books, engravings, printed matter, broadsides, invitations and many other materials). The 116 volumes of the scrapbooks focus on diverse topics: historical, topographical, archaeological, ethnological (costumes), architectural, art historical, history of the book, journalistic as well as the Gennadius family. Each volume consists on the average of 60-70 pages of large size.

The digitization and cataloguing of a portion of this collection funded by the Information Society project awarded to the American School of Classical Studies at Athens covers a crucial need of the Library for the preservation and dissemination of this important material. Its publication on the internet provides a significant tool that can be used for scholarly research and for various educational purposes.

For instance, the volumes which focus on the wars of 1897 (Φ 36 Α and 37) and of 1912-13 (Φ 35) contain unique primary source material that Joannes Gennadius collected for the period. The photographic material assembled in these scrapbooks consists of original photographs of a political and military character as well as unique photographic and printed material from newspapers of the period. The Topography volume that focuses on Athens and its surroundings (Φ 40) and another one from Constantinople (Φ 52 Α) contain, in addition to clippings from books, maps and original photographs of the period. The volume on the Gennadius Library (Φ 38),offers much information on the foundation and the building of the Library from 1922 to 1926. Four volumes from the series of Prosopography which contain portraits of the heroes of the Greek war of Independence (Φ 25-28) and several scrapbooks with costumes (Φ 58-66) complete the picture that Gennadius left us for these subjects. The scrapbooks on the Gennadius Family that are available digitally (Φ 14 and 24) contain rare ephemera that show us a uniquely personal aspect of life at the turn of the twentieth century. Several scrapbooks in the category of Journalism (Φ 72, 75, 76, 77 and 80) contain volumes of rare journals published in Greece and elsewhere. A scrapbook of Caricatures (Φ 103) gives a glimpse of how people perceived and satirized various circumstances.

Responsible for the cataloguing were historians Marianna Christopoulou and Anna Tsokanis under the supervision of Gennadeion Director Maria Georgopoulou. Several members of staff assisted them in their research: Aliki Asvesta, Leda Costaki, Eleftheria Daleziou, Leonora Navari, Katerina Papatheophani, Irini Solomonidi, Giannis Valourdos and Maria Voltera. A first attempt at cataloguing the materials of the scrapbooks of Joannes Gennadius was done in the past by Mrs. Fofo Maurikiou.

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