Aliki Halepa Bikaki Papers


Collection Number: GR ASCSA AHB 128
Name(s) of Creator(s): Aliki Halepa Bikaki (1927-2011)
Title: Aliki H. Bikaki Papers
Date [bulk]: 1960-1990
Date [inclusive]:
Language(s): Greek, English
Summary: The collection contains research notes and Bikaki’s manuscript on her work on potters’ marks, articles, offprints, excavation notes, photos, correspondence, and mixed material (such as conference programs, ASCSA newsletters, press clippings etc). Aliki Bikaki participated both in the Lerna and Kea excavations, and published a volume in the Keos series, Keos IV: Ayia Irini, The Potters’ Marks, in 1984. She was the wife of Haris Bikakis, ASCSA lawyer for many years.
Quantity: 0.75 linear meters
Immediate Source of Acquisition: Myron Bikakis, 2022
Information about Access: The collection has been inventoried and is available for research after consultation with the ASCSA Archivist.
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Aliki Halepa Bikaki passed away on Friday, January 21, 2011. She is remembered as a good friend to the ASCSA and to many in the archaeological community in Greece and America over a career that spanned some six decades, first as assistant to John Travlos in the Athenian Agora, then, in the 1950s, as a member of the School’s excavations at Lerna. Following Jack Caskey from Lerna to Kea, she remained a member of the Ayia Irini excavations for the remainder of her life, publishing a volume in the Keos series, Keos IV: Ayia Irini, The Potters’ Marks, in 1984. The wife of Haris Bikakis, ASCSA lawyer for many years, Aliki Bikaki is survived by her son, Myron, a Classical archaeologist and jewelry designer living in New York City.

Source of information: ASCSA Newsletter, Spring 2011


Box 1

Potter’s Marks-Notes by Period
8 folders:
1. Potter’s Marks-Various Sites-Notes (all except Kea and Phylakopi), 1974 AHB
2. Potter’s Marks-Notes-First Manuscript3. Period G
4. Period D
5. Period F
6. Period H and H +IIIA-IIIC
7. B+C etc.
8. Manuscript Potter’s Marks AHB

Box 2

Potter’s Marks-Manuscript, Notes, Articles etc.
4 folders:
1. Potter’s Marks, AHB 1980 May
2. Potter’s Marks-Offprints and Xeroxes, Linear Scripts
3. Potter’s Marks-Kea, AHB
4. Potter’s Marks-Kea, AHB 1973 and few 1974

Box 3

Νάξος Ανασκαφή Μητροπόλεως, Κλαζομενές

Folder 1
- 2 excavation notebooks (Νάξος Ι 1983, 1984 και Νάξος ΙΙ 1984) [NB. Digital copies only; originals were given to the Archaeological Society at Athens]
- Notes and excavation reports, catalogue cards (pottery), contact prints, plans/sketches, map of Naxos.

Folder 2
- xeroxes of articles and index cards with bibliographical references.

Folder 3
- Photographs (including an aerial photo) & negatives, contact prints.

Folder 4
- Offprints (PAE 1983, 1984, 1990)

Folder 5
Klazomenai (notes, review, xeroxes, offprints)

Box 4

Αρχαιολογική Εταιρεία Διάφορα, Μυθολογία, Διάφορα Κλασικά
Offprints, conference programs
Αρχαιολογική Εταιρεία διάφορα

Box 5

LH IIIC offprints, Tiryns, Mycenae, Acropolis Mycenaean Fountain
Photos (Kea, figurines)

Box 6

Hesperia Kea-Various Articles on other excavations

Box 7

Hesperia, Kea and other subjects
Offprints and ASCSA newsletters

Box 8

Kea διάφορα
2 school notebooks with preliminary Kea reports 1963

Box 9

Hesperia Lerna & various other

Box 10

Neolithic EB-EC-EM
Offprints, xeroxes, pamphlets, conference programs

Box 11


Box 12

Phylakopi-Kythera-Ειδώλιο της Σκούρας
Photos, notebooks, drawings (stratigraphic section, figurine), notes

Folder with typescript “Ανασκαφαί Κλαζομενών Ημερολόγιον Εργασιών 1922”
Folder with press clippings
Folder with press clippings, notes, xeroxes, offprints, pamphlets
Drawing of terracotta figurine (mylar)