Carl Blegen Box 38 Photos

Carl Blegen_Box 38.pdf

For the catalog of Box 38, see entry below

Note: The photos from this box have been catalogued and digitized in 2012 by Jennifer Bakatselou. The descriptions of the photos are transcriptions of Blegen’s own descriptions (mispellings have not been corrected), but text in brackets has been provided by the cataloguer.  The box includes photos from Delos (1913), Epidaurus (1913), Corinth (1913, 1921), Pylos (1913), Bassae (1913), Olympia (1913, 1921), Turkey (1913), Stymphalos, Crete (1913), Rhodes, Mt. Olympus (1917), Mt Athos (1917), Argolid (various sites,1921), Mycenae (1921), Megalopolis/Lycosura (1921), Sounium (1921), and Athens (Akropolis, 1921).

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