Francis R. Walton Papers


Collection Number:  GR GL FRW 058
Name (s) of Creator (s): Francis R. Walton (1910-1989)
Title: Francis R. Walton Papers
Date [bulk]: 1930-1989
Date [inclusive]: 
Language (s): English
Summary: The collection contains correspondence, class lectures, postcards, clippings and photos
Quantity: 8 boxes
Immediate Source of Acquisition: [Gift of Francis R. Walton, June 1975]
Information about Access: The collection is being processed and is not available for research
Cite as: American School of Classical Studies at Athens, Gennadius Library Archives, Francis R. Walton Papers (Αμερικανική Σχολή Κλασικών Σπουδών στην Αθήνα, Γεννάδειος Βιβλιοθήκη, Αρχείο Francis R. Walton)
Notes: The collection was processed by Eleftheria Daleziou with the assistance of Deborah Ninios, 2017.

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Francis R. Walton was a noted bibliophile and classical scholar who specialized in the study of ancient Greek religion. Born in Philadelphia in 1910 he received his B.A. at Haverford College in 1932, and his Doctorate at Harvard University in 1938. He was a Fellow at the American Academy in Rome for two years in the late 1930s, prior to returning to the United States to teach. He taught classics at Haverford College, Williams College, the University of Minnesota and the University of Chicago. From 1952 to 1960 he served as the Chairman of the Classics Department at Florida State University. In 1961 Walton was appointed as the Director of the Gennadius Library at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens. He held the post until his retirement in 1975. In 1976 he was awarded the Order of the Phoenix by the Greek state in recognition of his contribution to Greek life and culture. He died on October 5, 1989 in Washington D.C.
(Note: 1956-1957 ASCSA member)



BOX 1 Personal

Folder 1
Three [3] sketches by F.R.W. (Rye, England)

Folder 2
Reports and Various Notes
--Report of research visit at the Fondation Camargo (June –July 1977). Typed – one page. Attached photocopy of report on research on Janus Lascaris [numbered by FRW 1-11]
--FRW extended notes (working article on Gennadius Library incunabula
Typed numbered 3 -25 with handwritten notes and corrections – Francis Redding Walton, Incunabula in the Gennadius Library, Medievalia et Humanistica, N.s., no 2 (1971)
--Typed list of incunabula  with handwritten notes by FRW [6 pages]

Folder 3 Notes and copies of correspondence for research and other topics

Folder 4 Correspondence
--Copy of a letter from the employees of the GL to FRW to wish him well after an operation dated May 12, 1983
--Copy of a letter from the GL secretary (A. Nikolaides) to FRW dated November 9, 1983
--Copy of a letter from the GL secretary (A. Nikolaides) to the Sardis Expedition (Harvard University) dated July 5, 1985
--Letter from Prof. G. P. Henderson dated 13 December 1986 and attached copy of the reply from GL secretary (A. Nikolaides) dated January 5, 1987
--Copy of a letter from Sophie Papageorgiou to the magazine ‘The Athenian’ enclosing an obituary for FRW sent to the GL by his son David  dated November 9, 1989
--Letter sent to FRW by a John R. Walton from Australia n.d.

Folder 5
Photo of FRW [note: framed – on the shelf]

Folder 6
Marks, awards and distinctions (school and college) in 4 rolls

Folder 7
- Three letters from Mrs James Bissett Pratt (Catherine) to FRW (1942 -1943)
- Envelope with clippings

Folder 8
Correspondence (incoming and outgoing) 1961 -during his first year of tenure of the post of the Librarian of the GL

BOX 2  Yearbooks

The Record, 1929. Haverford College
The Record, 1930. Haverford College
The Record, 1931. Haverford College
Miss Madeira’s School Year Book, 1930 – the yearbook belonged to Mary Cooper*
[*Note: F.R.W. married Mary Sabin Cooper of Elmira, New York in 1944. She died in 1985.]



The Haverfordian [published monthly at Haverford College]

The Haverfordian, January 1929

The Haverfordian, November 1930

The Haverfordian, December 1930

The Haverfordian, January 1931

The Haverfordian, February 1931

The Haverfordian, June 1931

The Haverfordian, November 1931

The Haverfordian, January 1932

The Haverfordian, February 1932

The Haverfordian, March 1932

The Haverfordian, June 1932

Haverford College, October 19, 1957 – The Inauguration of Hugh Borton

The Haverfordian Chapbook for 1930 presents Bull Session


The box contains notebooks with FRW’s notes, translations, notes on courses. They are numbered individually 
[No of notebook, title, content, insert (if any) i.e: B1_1_22-Book 38/9 Notes-Notes on 1a - 33-Scrap paper

Diodorus of Sicily Fragments of books XXXIII-XL Translated by FR Walton---Notes and drafts
01-Notes to Bk 33-Notes on 1 - 34 -
02-XXXIII - 1-1 - 4a-
03-XXXIII - 2-5 – 7-
05-XXXIII - 4-17 – 28a-
06-DS XXXIII - 5-28b -
07-Notes – Bks XXXIV-V-Notes on 1 - 41-
08-Notes XXXIV-XXXV - 2-Notes on 42 - 65-
09-Diodoro XXXIV -XXXV-1 - 2-
10-XXXIV – V - 2-No numbers-
11-Book XXXIV – XXXV - 3-3 - 13-
12-XXXIV – XXXV - 4-14 – 28-
13-XXXIV – XXXV - 5-29 – 33-
14-XXXIV – XXXV - 6-34 – 39a-
15-Notes – Book XXXVI-1 – 22-
16-Book XXXVI-1 – 3-
17-XXXVI - 2-4 – 6-
18-XXXVI - 3-7 – 9, 11-
19-XXXVI - 4-10, 12 - 16-
20-Bk 37 [notes]-Notes on 5a and other things-Scrap paper
21-Notes to Book 37 (2)-Notes on 35 - 53-
22-Book 38/9 Notes-Notes on 1a - 33-Scrap paper
23-Book 38/39-1 - 8-
24-Book 38/9 – (2)-8 – 22-
25-Book 38/9 – (3)-22a – 22b-
26-Notes to Bk XL-Notes on 1 - 20-
27-Book 40-1 – 3-
28-Book 40 – (2)-3 – 7a-
29-Fragments-“Fragments of Uncertain Provenience”, 1 – 14 and Notes 1 -3 –

Religious Thought in the Age of Hadrian, Numen magazine, 1957
01-Hadrian-Notes from various sources, including F Duranum-
02-Hadrian CAH (Cambridge Ancient History series) & RE-Notes from various sources including CAH (Weber) & v Rohden (RE) -
03-Hadrian - coins-Notes from various sources including H Mattingly-
04-Hadrian - Aes-Notes from various sources including  Strack-

Course on Ancient Tragedy
01-Hist of Tragedy (3)-[Class lecture] notes-
02-Tragedy V Euripides-[Class lecture] notes-
03-Antigone-[Class lecture] notes-
04-Eumenides-[Class lecture] notes *Notes from De Glaube der Hellenen-*Pages from other book 
05-Hippolytus-[Class lecture] notes-Card with notes

Various subjects (Greek and Roman religion and festivals) for course and writings
01-Thargelia (Texts)-Annotated notes for [an article]-Cards with German notes`
02-Dipolieia-Writings for [an article] from WS Ferguson’s The Salaminoi of Heptaphylai and Sounion-*Page with notes
03-Early Poets & Philosophers-Annotated notes for [an article]-
04-A.D. Nock (Arthur Darby) Library-Notes of various resources on religion-Page with notes
05-Greek & Roman Religion Assignments-Homework & term paper assignments, Classical Philology 229, Spring 1959-Page with topics for term papers
06-Civic Religion-[Class lecture] notes-Pages of notes on festivals & mysteries
07-Bucchae (background)-[Class lecture] notes-Pages of notes on Dionysus
08-Dionysus-[Class lecture] notes-Card with notes
09-Apollo-[Class lecture] notes-
10-Hero Cult - Brelich-[Class lecture] notes-
11-No title-[Class lecture] notes-Pages of notes on Orgeones
12-No cover, Genealogy I-[Class lecture] notes, (Homer)-Pages of notes on Odysseus
13-Transmigration etc-[Class lecture] notes-Pages of notes on Sectarian rel & Orphic myth
14-Afterlife & Orphism-[Class lecture] notes-Pages of notes on Orphism
15-No title -[Class lecture] notes on Orphism-


The box contains notebooks with FRW’s notes, translations, notes on courses. They are numbered individually
[No of notebook, title, content, insert (if any) i.e: B1_1_22-Book 38/9 Notes-Notes on 1a - 33-Scrap paper]

Comparative Religion course [Term 1, 3/3-15/3/46, Spring]---Missing; Class lecture notes #1-8 on Primitive Religions-
01-Readings in Religion 1 Spring & Summer (1946) -Course timetable, grades-
02-Religion Lectures-Notes for Greek religion (“add to lecture 7”)-
03-Vedic Religion I-Class lecture notes #9, 10 on religions of India-2 clippings on India, page of notes on Indo-European languages
04-Loose notes, no title-Class lecture notes #11, 12 on the Vedic Gods-
05-Vedic Religion (II)-Ideas on Death, Transmigration & Karma, Brahminism  Introduction, Class lecture notes #12 con’t, 13-Notecard RV 9
06-Indian Religion III-Brahminism – (cont’d), Class lectures notes #14, 15-Note on Dharma
07-Indian Religion IV-Upanishads, Class lecture notes #15 con’t-
08-Indian Religion V-Upanishads – end (mysticism) Hinduism – introduction, Class lecture notes #16, 17-Notes on Zani and Brahman
09-Indian Religion VI-Hinduism II, Class lecture notes #17 con’t, 18, 19, 20-
10-Indian Religion VII-Samkhya Philosophy, Class lecture notes #18, 19 con’t -
11-Indian Religion VIII-Modern Reform Movements, Class lecture notes #20 con’t -
12-Jainism -The Jainas, Class lecture notes #21, 22-Notecard on Ahimsa
13-Sikhs-(“Disciples”), Class lecture notes #22 con’t-
14-Bhagavad – Gita - notes-Course timetable and grades-
15-Buddhism I-Class lecture notes # 23, 24-
16-Buddhism II-Class lecture notes #25, 26-
17-Buddhism III-Class lecture notes #26 con’t, 27, 28-Pages 1-4 on Teachings of Pali Canon
18-Buddhism IV-Class lecture notes #29, 30-
19-Buddhism V-Mahayana, Class lecture notes #31, 32-Notes on “Summary of essential differences in Mahayana”
20-Buddhism VI-Mayayana end, Class lecture notes #32 con’t-
21-Buddhism *-Class lecture notes-
22-Lotus Gospel - notes-Class lecture notes -
23-Zoroastrian Religion-Class lecture notes #33, 34, 35-
24-Zoroastrian Religion II-Class lecture notes #35 con’t, 36-

Comparative Religion course][Term 2, 1946, Summer]
01-Judaism I-Class lecture notes #1, 2, 3-
02-Judaism II-Class lecture notes #2, 3 con’t, 4-
03-Judaism III-Class lecture notes #4 con’t, 5, 6, 7-Notecard with page # for different facts
04-Judaism IV -Class lecture notes #8, 9-
05-Judaism V-Class lecture notes #10, 11, 12-
06-Judaism VI-Class lecture notes #12 con’t, 13, 14-4 pages of further notes
07-Mohammedanism I-Class lecture notes #1, 2 [#15, 16]-
08-Mohammedanism II-Class lecture notes -
09-Christianity I-Class lecture notes #17, 18, 19-
10-Christianity II-Class lecture notes #19 con’t, 20, 21-
11-Christianity III-Class lecture notes #22, 23-
12-Christianity IV-Class lecture notes #24, 25-
13-Christianity V-Class lecture notes #26-
14-Christianity VI-Class lecture notes #27, 28-
15-Christianity VII-Class lecture notes #29, 30-
16-N. T. [New Testament]-Misc notes on Christianity-
17-No title-Misc notes on Christianity-
18-R Benedict on Kwakiutl Indian cannibalism-Notecard re rites of a North American tribe-

[Note: Boxes 4 and 5 arranged and catalogued by Ms Deborah Ninios]

BOX 6 Postcards

Folder 1 Family and Friends
Folder 2 England/UK
Folder 3 France
Folder 4 Greece (Athens to Argos)
Folder 5 Greece (Dafni, Knossos, Mycenae Misc./Unknown)
[Note: The post cards are blank with the exception of Folder 1]

BOX 7 Postcards

Folder 1 Italy (Rome/Vatican)
Folder 2 Italy [rest of Italy]
Folder 3 Japan
Folder 4 Middle East (Egypt/ Lebanon/Syria/Turkey)
Folder 5 USA/Mexico
Folder 6 Former Republic of Yugoslavia (Kotov/Dubrovnic/Split)
[Note: The post cards are blank]

BOX 8 Photos

Folder 1 FRW portraits, photos of friends
Folder 2 USA – College years – Quakers
Folder 3 New York - England (1935-1936)
The folder contains photos from NY – on board to Europe - and photos from England
Folder 4 Italy 1935
Folder 5 Italy 1936
Folder 6 Pompeii
Folder 7 Constantinople 1936
Folder 8 Mt. Athos 1936
Folder 9 Athens 1936
Folder 10 Greece [not Athens] 1936
Folder 11 France 1936
Folder 12 Near and Middle East [Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt]
Folder 13 Athens 1937
Folder 14 Greece [not Athens] 1937
Folder 15 Negatives