George Huxley Papers - SeriesI Subseries Id

Subseries Id: The British School at Athens, correspondence and related papers

BOX 30

Folder 1
Annual Meetings, Managing Committee, Reports, Invitations (1983-2007)

Folder 2
Correspondence (1971-2007)
1971-1997: Catling H.W., Cavanagh William, Coldstream Nicolas, Harrison Patrick, Ince G.E., Koukoulis Theodore, Pepelasis Sandra, Shipley Graham, Spawforth Tony, Tomlinson P.A., Waywell S.E.
1999-2007: Evely D., Keith Marie-Christine, Pepelasis Sandra, Sadler Sue, Weissman Stephen, Waywell S.E.

Folder 3:
The Friends of the British School at Athens (1995-2007)