George Huxley Papers - Series I Subseries Ie

Subseries Ie: The Gennadius Library, correspondence and related papers

BOX 31

Folder 1
The Committee on the Gennadius Library (1993-1994)

Folder 2
The Committee on the Gennadius Library (1995-1998)

Folder 3
The Committee on the Gennadius Library (2000-2005)

Folder 4
Σύλλογος Φίλων Γενναδείου Βιβλιοθήκης (1990-1994)

Folder 5
Correspondence (1984-2007)
1984: Miller Stephen G.
1985: Panagopoulou Beata
1986: Huxley George, Panagopoulou Beata
1989: Huxley George, Nicol Donald M., Nicolaidou Artemis, Papageorgiou Sophie
1990: Papageorgiou Sophie, Nicol Donald M.
1991: Nicol D.M., Papageorgiou Sophie
1992: Jordan David, Papageorgiou Sophie
1993: Baker Samuel, Birk Nancy, Jordan David, Kyrillidou Martha, Mattheou Antonia, Papageorgiou Sophie
1994: Immerwahr Henry R., Jordan David, Papageorgiou Sophie
1995: Papageorgiou Sophie
1996: Papageorgiou Sophie
1997: Papageorgiou Sophie
1998: Papageorgiou Sophie, Vanderpool Catherine
1999: Kalligas Haris, Papageorgiou Sophie
2000-2002: Huxley George, Papageorgiou Sophie, Tracy Stephen
2004: Papageorgiou Sophie, Vanderpool Catherine
2005: Georgopoulou Maria, Vanderpool Catherine
2006-2007: Georgopoulou Maria, Papageorgiou Sophie, Vanderpool Catherine

Folder 6
Candidates for the position of the Director of the Gennadius Library (1994)

Folder 7
• His Excellency Dr. J. Gennadius to the Trustees of the ASCSA (1922)
• “The Gennadius Library, its Nature and its Needs”, by Jordan David (1993)